Making social media work for you

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Thanks to, in this article Michelle advises while visibility on social media is increasingly a requirement of modern life, she warns your posts can instantly shape how people see you, your character and your reputation. As adults, we can be quick to advise children and teenagers to be careful about what they post on social media, but […]

Are you a future ready leader?

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Recently, CSIRO released their latest report on the megatrends they see impacting the world. Their report, worth reading if you want insights into potential impacts on your profession and industry, is another document in a long list of predictions and studies on the future. There’s no doubt that the future is full of change, but so is the […]

CEOWorld Magazine: How to manage precious and difficult people

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Avoiding difficult people may be the common approach. However, thanks to CEOWorld Magazine, Michelle says you should spend time with them and explains how best to do this.  We all have people in our personal and professional life who we find challenging. We may label them as ‘precious’, ‘difficult’ or ‘hard work’.  The typical approach […]

The New Daily: Yes, you can give your boss feedback

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Thanks to The New Daily and Senior Reporter, Kate Jones, Michelle provides her insights on how you can give your boss feedback.  Employees have long been accustomed to receiving feedback from their bosses. But what if the tables were turned and workers could critique their employers? Only one in four of business leaders and line […]

Harvard Business Review: Strengthen Your Professional Presence on Social Media

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Thanks to Harvard Business Review for inviting Michelle to share her tips on how to strengthen your professional presence on social media.  When it comes to your career, social media can be your friend and your enemy. On the one hand, research has found that looking at people’s career-related posts on social media can affect our […]

Is your communication all about you?

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It’s a typical workday. You rush from meeting to meeting (and yes, you can rush virtually too). Send a few emails and text messages and talk with a team member to update them on things you think they need to know. You then rush to your next meeting. Sound familiar? I’ll admit I’ve been guilty […]

Leader’s Digest: Where will you give the gift of time?

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Thanks to Leadership Institute of Sarawak Civil Service’s Leader’s Digest Issue 65, Michelle explains how it’s easy to waste our time and the time of others and tips on how to change that. We all know that time is finite, and once it passes by, you can’t get it back. During the COVID-19 enforced lockdowns, […]

Foundr: 4 warning signs you are drunk on power

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You don’t have to look too far to see examples of the misuse of power—they’re littered throughout history and across politics, business, and community sectors. So what are the warning signs that we may be drunk on power? It can be when we think our rights and needs outweigh those of others. Michelle explains more […]

Leaderonomics: Where Will You Give the Gift of Time?

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Stop wasting time on unrewarding activities to boost productivity. Michelle explains more in this article published for Leaderonomics. We all know that time is finite, and once it passes by, you can’t get it back. During the COVID-19 enforced lockdowns, we discovered the benefits of a slower pace, and yet a typical lament is that […]

Leader’s Digest: How do you do leadership?

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Effective leadership begins with you. Thanks to Leader’s Digest for the opportunity to share my key indicators of leadership.  The true character of a person’s leadership comes to the fore in times of a crisis. none more so than Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, whose words when offered a safe passage to the US were, “The […]