Where will you give the gift of time?

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We all know that time is finite, and once it passes by, you can’t get it back. During the COVID-19 enforced lockdowns, we discovered the benefits of a slower pace, and yet a typical lament is that there is never enough time in the day. As the pace of life picks up again, time seems […]

Leaderonomics: Who Do Your Stories Serve?

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There’s a perspective that there is a story inside all of us just waiting to be heard, but what if the story you are telling yourself isn’t helping and it needs to change? Thanks to Leaderonomics for the opportunity to share my perspective.  The world is full of stories. The stories we read. The ones […]

CEOWorld Magazine: What to do if you’re a bad boss

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In this article published for CEOWorld Magazine, Michelle provides ideas on how you can change if you have recognised that you are a bad boss. Being a leader today isn’t easy. Leaders are facing unchartered territory, an uncertain business environment and economic challenges the like of which many will never have experienced before. At the […]

What’s your part?

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When your working relationship with your boss is challenging, it’s easy to lay the blame at their feet. Perhaps you have judged them to be ineffective, unethical, power-hungry, a bully, a narcissist, a perfectionist, a micro-managing control freak, or some other not so lovely adjective that defines how you see them. They may be all […]

CEOWorld Magazine: Why Uncomfortable conversations are critical for success

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Uncomfortable conversations come in all shapes and sizes and for a variety of reasons.  Getting comfortable with uncomfortable is essential for a fulfilled life. Uncomfortable conversations aren’t fun. They’re the conversation you put off until the last minute, anticipate with dread, and worry about. However, stepping into them is an essential ingredient for effective leadership […]

Leaderonomics: How To Have A Courageous Conversation With Your Boss?

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In this article for Leaderonomics, Michelle explains how you can empower yourself to talk to your boss. Your relationship with your boss may be rocketing along successfully, and then it seems to veer off course, or perhaps it’s always been a little rocky and unpredictable. As well, with more people working from home, workplace dynamics […]

The CEO Institute: Five Essential Leadership Skills Needed in 2022

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In this article for The CEO Institute, Michelle writes that effective leadership still eludes many despite the many thousands of leadership books and models. At the same time, the business environment is getting more, not less, complex. Both factors mean the expectations of leaders are increasing. Management and Leadership expert, Gary Hamel, argues that how we manage […]

Don’t confuse meetings with collaboration

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Back in my corporate days, I would regularly spend my entire day in back to back meetings. I’d rush from meeting to meeting and feel a spark of joy when a meeting was cancelled. ‘Hooray, some time back in my day’, I would say to myself. Today, the meeting culture in most organisations is still […]

How effective is your organisation’s decision-making?

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When thinking about poor organisational decision-making, what springs to mind? Iconic strategic failures such as Kodak and Blockbuster or systemic risk failures like BP Deepwater Horizon or Esso Longford Gas Explosion? Or perhaps it’s something more recent and closer to home. Often when we think about inadequate or ineffective decision making we think about significant […]