Who’s distracting you?

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You see it happen with children. They’ve fallen over and are about to cry, and so to stop them reacting you distract them with a toy or something else, so they smile and laugh. Distractions like that are harmless. As we get older, deliberate distractions can take on a whole new meaning. If there’s something […]

Seeking successful impact is never one size fits all

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You’ll have seen this at some stage during a conversation; a situation where someone is frustrated and becomes increasingly so. Why? Because they aren’t getting what they want out of the conversation. However, rather than recognise that their current communication style isn’t working, they’ll dig in and keep using the same approach. Having impact, maintaining […]

Australian Career Practitioner: Guarding your brand on social media

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In this article published in Australian Career Practitioner, Michelle explains the importance of protecting your brand on social media. Posting your personal life on a private Facebook or Instagram page will impact how you are seen professionally. When five Federal election candidates were dumped for offensive social media posts it was a timely reminder of […]

How to create your learning environment

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The world is always full of surprises – some we want, and some we don’t. No matter how we categorise the change, what can help us navigate our way through are our skills and competencies. These skills and competencies evolve and develop as your career progresses, and what’s needed shifts as the external environment changes. […]

Let’s flip the lens

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When I was growing up, my mum always taught me not to use the ‘C’ word because it was rude. Now I am making an assumption you know the ‘C’ word of which I am referring. Of course, the ‘C’ word on everyone’s lips these days is different. Once again, I am not going to […]

Body & Soul: 5 interview red flags you shouldn’t ignore

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In this article for Body & Soul, Michelle was asked to contribute her thoughts about what to look out for during an interview. Michelle explains what to pay extra attention to. Don’t ignore the warnings only to kick yourself when you’re unhappily employed – we asked the experts how to spot a dud job in […]

Insurance Business NZ: Don’t let social media derail your career

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In this article Michelle contributed to Insurance Business NZ, Michelle explains how a poorly managed social media profile can derail your career. The dumping of five candidates from Australia’s 2019 federal election for offensive social media posts served as a reminder of the damage that a poorly managed social media profile can do to a […]

Is your negotiation style helping or hindering?

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            Negotiating is a part of life. Some people love it, while others tolerate it or loathe it. Over the years I’ve found most people operate with one of four key styles: avoider, impulsive, peace-maker or fighter: Avoider – this is the person who avoids or delays negotiating to their detriment […]

Yahoo Finance: How to win an argument with your boss

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Read Michelle’s suggestions in this Yahoo Finance article she wrote recently about how to win an argument with your boss. Some people love their boss, others hate them. But most will find their relationship lies somewhere in between, dotted by moments of both camaraderie and sheer irritation. And while few will find themselves in an […]

Are you forgetting something?

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If you’ve ever been to hospital and had surgery you’ll remember that as you get wheeled into the operating theatre there are a series of checks that occur. The orderly or nurse will ask your name, what procedure you are having, and whether you are allergic to anything. Once you are under, they’ll use checklists […]

Are you saying yes too often?

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Have you ever had a time when you said ‘yes’, and then seconds later got the feeling of dread and regret as you thought to yourself  ‘Why did I just agree to that?” It can be easy to say ‘yes’.  It saves explaining why you don’t want to do something, you worry about letting someone […]

Are you testing to destruction?

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In manufacturing and industries that develop products, which if faulty could cause serious harm, they undertake a range of testing. One such test – known as a test to destruction – is designed to understand how much stress the product (be it components of a car, piece of machinery, airplane and the like) can tolerate. […]

Do you know the line you won’t cross?

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We all have values that underpin how we think and what we will and won’t do. These values can often be challenged in the workplace. A number of years ago I was working with a client who faced constant pressure at work. The leadership team they were a part of had a toxic culture, and […]

Is it them or is it you?

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We all have people in our personal and professional life who we find challenging. We may label them as ‘precious’, ‘difficult’, the ‘problem child’ or ‘hard work’. If they’re a colleague, the typical approach is to minimise the amount of time you spend with them and to find a way to work around them. If […]

What’s the intent of your question?

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As a child growing up I was one of those very annoying kids who asked questions all the time. The question often started with why. ‘Why this?’, ‘Why now?’, ‘Why do I need to..?”, and the list could go on. In some cases, the question was based on natural curiosity. At other times, the question […]

Are you a taker, faker or maker?

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Throughout your career you will come across people who are easy to work and those less so. Those who will enable your progress, and those who will hinder it. People who will inspire you, and those who will drag you down. It is often when you experience unexpected career changes or challenges at work that […]

Want impact? Be kind even when it’s hard

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We all experience those situations where someone does something unreasonable, unfair or just downright mean, and our immediate reaction may be to fight back or retaliate in some way. In many cases, a better response is to respond with kindness. Recently, one of my team members received an unnecessarily narky email from someone. Rather than […]

Are you too quick to judge?

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When we meet someone for the first time, we very quickly make an assessment as to whether we like them, trust them, want to work with them or want to do business with them. This assessment is made on a raft of factors. Many of which are quite superficial. It might be a glance, their […]

Why your discomfort isn’t a reason to not say something


There are times in life when we shy away from saying what needs to be said because we are putting our discomfort ahead of the needs of the other person. When someone around us – a work colleague, friend or acquaintance – experiences something unexpectedly bad we often don’t know how to react. They may […]

Listen to Me – Don’t Educate Me

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Have you ever been invited to a meeting or forum where the pretext was to be consulted or provide feedback, and yet when you attend there is far more talking at you than listening to you? I’ve seen this happen many times. The intent to gather feedback may have been genuine and well intentioned, and […]