Are you in the fast or slow lane?

When you drive do you typically drive in the slow lane or are you in the fast lane?  Are you the person who weaves between cars so you can find the fastest route, or are you the person who picks a lane and sticks to it? We are habitual creatures, so each time we drive […]

What’s your appetite for career risk?

The world we work in is changing.  How we work is changing.  To stay in the game, not even ahead of the game, it’s important to be alert to these changes and what it means for you. There’s choice and decisions to be made about how to best position yourself and your career to thrive […]

It’s time to reclaim the lost hours in your day

Being busy seems to be a constant part of life these days. For people working in organisations a big contributor to that is the amount of time they spend in meetings. Have you ever counted how much of your average working week you spend in meetings? For some executives I work with it can be […]

Leadership – it’s often the little things that matter

Great leaders usually have a great legacy. Their legacy is something they leave behind that has a positive impact on future generations. It may be how they’ve steered a nation through a period of growth. It may be how they’ve helped a business grow. It may be their philanthropic endeavours that have helped people in less […]

Is it time to go outside your comfort zone?

When was the last time you did something that truly took you outside your comfort zone? It feels good to be comfortable.  We feel relaxed, unpressured and more certain. But getting comfortable can be dangerous.  When we’re too comfortable we stop learning and growing.  Once this happens we’re one step closer to being left behind […]

Why having confidence isn’t always good for you

It’s often thought that to be successful you have to be confident. However, it’s not that black and white.  In fact, too much confidence is a bad thing. Why?  Because when you are certain you are right, you are almost certainly wrong! Over-confidence is one of the many brain based biases we are all afflicted […]

Have you got a feast or famine mindset at work?

In a highly competitive work environment, people often act as though there’s not enough Resources, Rewards or Recognition to go around. Operating with a famine mindset, people jealously guard their access to the three Rs because they see them as crucial to career success. The more resources you have the easier it is to get […]

Why we need to say the Emperor has no clothes

You may remember from your childhood the Hans Christian-Anderson fairy tale titled – The Emperor Has No Clothes. The story centred on two conmen who pretended to be weavers and convinced the Emperor they could make him a magical suit – the finest in the land.  The magic was that this suit would be invisible to […]

Expectations: Are they constraining how you lead?

Expectations, we all have them. They can both constrain and inspire us. Problems arise when they define how we think and narrow our field of view. Expectations work both ways. Just as parents, peers, work colleagues, friends and family place expectations on us, we too place expectations on the people around us. Interestingly others can easily influence […]

Why uncomfortable conversations are good for you

Uncomfortable conversations aren’t fun. They’re the conversations you often put off until the last minute, and anticipate with dread. And yet, being able to have them is an essential part of effective leadership and a hallmark of a successful career. Shying away from these conversations may appear on the surface to be the easy option, […]

Fairness – it matters more than you may think

When you think of the traits of great leaders, being fair isn’t usually one of the traits that springs to mind. As humans we are acutely attuned to the concept of fairness. Children from a very early age notice when things don’t seem fair, with the inevitable wail of “That’s not fair!” This carries into […]

What’s on your summer reading list?

The summer holidays are a great time to catch up on the reading you wanted to do during the year, but never found the time for. I hoard books so there’s always a stack to read – both on my kindle and in the traditional paperback format. The books range from those that are designed to […]

It’s time for your annual stocktake

If, like me, you are wondering where the year went and how it’s possible that it’s only a week until Christmas, now’s a great time to stop and reflect on 2016. At this point in the year it can be easy to wish the days away as you are on countdown to completing everything that […]

How to know if you are drunk on power

There’s an old saying: Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. It’s attributed to Lord Acton, a nineteenth century historian and moralist. Power is a word that invokes a range of images and ideas. Some people see it as bad, while other people see it as magnetic and empowering. I prefer an optimistic approach and view […]

Why the question is one of your most powerful tools

According to reports we are now living in a post-fact world.  A world where experts are devalued and comments and opinions can be positioned without question, even if they have no substance or evidence to back them up. This is most commonly playing out in the political arena where politicians make sweeping generalisations, bend the […]

What are your crunch points for pressure?

Pressure! Some people hate it. Other people thrive on it. We all react to pressure differently and have different levels of pressure we can cope with. Research shows that a certain amount of pressure is good for us as it helps motivate us to take action and keep focused. This is because when we experience the right […]

5 warning signs you need to find a new job

Working is a part of life.  But what should you do when you are working in a role or an organisation that isn’t good for you? If your work is making you so unhappy it’s impacting your well-being and the well-being of those around you it’s usually time to consider ‘voting yourself off the island’.  And by that I mean taking […]

Why friendship is important in the workplace

Organisations often talk about culture, but rarely consider the role that having friendships at work plays in creating a healthy, dynamic and productive work environment. There’s no doubt that workplaces are complex environments – bringing together a melting pot of people with varying ideas, assumptions, experiences, expectations and ambitions. They can also be highly destructive. The damage that unhealthy […]

Worried about asking for what you need? Six tips to make it easier

Have you ever walked out of a meeting or away from a conversation and felt like kicking yourself because you didn’t get what you needed? Chances are the reason you didn’t get what you needed is because you didn’t actually ask for it. There are numerous reasons why we hold back from asking for what […]