Can you be sure no one’s watching?

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In this article for, Michelle says we tend to be on our best behaviour when we know someone is watching — the embarrassment comes when we don’t know we are being observed. It’s hard to be bored when there is always so much to watch and learn from people around you. People-watching is a […]

3AW: Workplace expert issues Christmas party word of warning

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For 3AW, Michelle discusses with Dee Dee Dunleavey why getting too drunk isn’t the only Christmas party conduct that can have career implications. Michelle says workers should “think about the implications for how people are going to see you and how your relationships are going to work” if you choose not to attend. And for […]

Business Essentials podcast: Have a good break

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In this podcast for Business Essentials, Michelle outlines some of the things you need to think about when organising the work Christmas party. One thing that most staff look forward to is the Christmas party at the end of the year. It’s an opportunity for everyone to let their hair down and come together without […]

3AW: Massive rebound in domestic business travel

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In this clip for 3AW, Michelle, Ross and Russel are in conversation about domestic business travel and how it is almost back to pre-pandemic levels. Business travel spending in August reached 92 per cent of the pre-COVID level. Michelle says some tasks are best done face-to-face. “If you’re looking at things like team dynamics, all […]