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If you’d like tips and ideas on how to thrive in a complex and changing world, you can access a range of free resources that include:

Bad Boss Book

Here are the resources that support Michelle’s latest book Bad Boss: What to do if you work for one, manage one or are one.  Thriving workplaces aren’t the result of the actions of one person; everyone owns their part. If you want to bring out the best in yourself and those around you, these exercises and activities will show you how. Are you ready to be your best?

Career Leap Book Resources

Here are the resources and information to support your Career Leap. Career success and ongoing employment require you to actively manage your career each and every day. You can’t afford to play safe, to stay small, to not take risks, to not change or position yourself effectively. The Career Leap strategy is only effective if you actually do the work, and complete these exercises. They require deliberate time, deep thought and reflection, potentially with the help of a trusted adviser, partner or colleague. So take your time, and seek advice when you need it.

Career Clinic Episodes

Every couple of weeks, Michelle shares – via video – answers to questions readers of her weekly insights blog have raised about their career. To have your question answered, register for the weekly insights and submit your question!

Happy Hump Day Episodes

Every Wednesday, Michelle shares on social media leadership tips and career insights via a short video – appropriately named “Happy Hump Day”.

Tools and Templates

A range of free resources covering career development, communication, leadership, organisational change, risk and compliance.