Making social media work for you

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Thanks to, in this article Michelle advises while visibility on social media is increasingly a requirement of modern life, she warns your posts can instantly shape how people see you, your character and your reputation. As adults, we can be quick to advise children and teenagers to be careful about what they post on social media, but […]

Business in Colour: Influence Up

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Thanks to Sadhana Smiles and Div Pillay for this great conversation on the Business in Colour podcast as Michelle discusses how we make assumptions based on past experiences on how things should be, and stereotype views we may have. Michelle also reflects on her own personal experience around this.  Michelle Gibbings is an author of […]

Is your leadership letting the team down?

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If you were to outline the character traits of an ineffective leader what would spring to mind? Perhaps, at the extreme end, a narcissist or a bully. On the other end, perhaps ineffective listener, bad delegator and poorly organised. Just as effective leadership comes in many shapes and sizes, so too does bad leadership and its […]

Leader’s Digest: How do you do leadership?

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Effective leadership begins with you. Thanks to Leader’s Digest for the opportunity to share my key indicators of leadership.  The true character of a person’s leadership comes to the fore in times of a crisis. none more so than Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, whose words when offered a safe passage to the US were, “The […]

Is the feedback really a gift?

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You will have heard the saying that feedback is a gift, yet there are times when it doesn’t feel like that. Recently, I received feedback from two different groups on the same day. One was amazing. The other one was generally good, but there was one particularly nasty piece of feedback from an attendee. Any […]

Are you an entitled leader?

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We often hear stories about celebrities and their ridiculous demands. Whether it’s $900 titanium drinking straws, specific types of candles and flowers, rooms painted in certain colours or unusual food requests. Whether some of these requests are true or not, they make good fodder for the tabloids. We can see examples of entitlement across society. It’s a person […]

Leaderonomics: How Do You Do Leadership?

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Effective leadership begins with you as I explain in this article for Leaderonomics. The true character of a person’s leadership comes to the fore in times of a crisis. None more so than Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, whose words when offered safe passage to the US were, “The fight is here. I need ammunition, not a ride.” […]

CEOWorld Magazine: Four warning signs you are drunk on power

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In this article for CEOWorld Magazine, I provde four warning signs that you may be drunk on power. Continue reading below. You don’t have to look too far to see examples of the misuse of power, with examples littered throughout history and across politics, business, and community sectors. Professor Dacher Keltner from Berkley University found […]

How conscious is your impact?

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When you’re a leader, a casual remark, an off-hand comment, or a request can have more impact than you think or perhaps even intend. Many years ago, a colleague recounted an incident that is a stark illustration of this. A group of employees was in a room often used for client and staff events. The […]

Leader’s Digest: What’s on your ‘back to work’ checklist?

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Thanks to Leaders’s Digest, in this article Michelle challenges you to consider how proactive you are when it comes to your career? Continue reading.