The Daily Telegraph: The keys to becoming influential in your industry

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Michelle provides her comments in this article for The Daily Telegraph on how to become influential in the workplace. Michelle says it’s important that workers understand how they are seen by others. Read on.  Workplace expert and author of Step Up: How to Build Your Influence at Work Michelle Gibbings said it was important workers […]

Who’s distracting you?

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You see it happen with children. They’ve fallen over and are about to cry, and so to stop them reacting you distract them with a toy or something else, so they smile and laugh. Distractions like that are harmless. As we get older, deliberate distractions can take on a whole new meaning. If there’s something […]

Dynamic Business: Let’s Talk: Supporting employees and protecting their wellbeing

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In this article for Dynamic Business, Michelle provides her comments on how to support your employees and protect their wellbeing. Be open with your team about the criticality of self-care, and create a safe environment for your team to share their feelings, and seek support. As part of this, be alert to the warning signs […] Why fairness is a leadership trait that matters

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Michelle shares her thoughts in this article for as to why fairness is a leadership trait that matters.  When you are developing a leadership program to uplift the capability of leaders one of the behavioural traits that isn’t likely to make the framework is fairness. This isn’t surprising because fairness isn’t usually listed as […]

CEO Magazine: Influence is crucial for successful leadership

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In this article for CEO Magazine, Michelle describes how influential leaders use their position wisely to secure outcomes enabling them to cut through the noise and make change happen. Leaders today are expected to deliver more results in a faster timeframe and with less resources. There are often endless meetings, countless stakeholders to consult and […]

CEO Magazine: Why you’ll want to cultivate a culture of gratitude in the workplace

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In this article Michelle wrote for CEO Magazine, she explains that practising gratitude can boost wellbeing, productivity and resilience levels within your team. When organisations analyse their culture and determine their values, ‘gratitude’ isn’t a trait that is likely to appear, and yet it is increasingly evidenced as being critical for wellbeing and success. In […]

Do you know the line you won’t cross?

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We all have values that underpin how we think and what we will and won’t do. These values can often be challenged in the workplace. A number of years ago I was working with a client who faced constant pressure at work. The leadership team they were a part of had a toxic culture, and […]

Are you all head and no heart?

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When I reflect on my corporate career there are a few leaders that stand out in helping to shape how I saw myself as a leader and my practice of being one. What I learned was that the best knew when to make ‘head’ based decisions, and when to think with their ‘heart’. It’s very easy […]

Who inspires you to be better than yesterday?

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When you get asked the question ‘Who inspires you?’, what names spring to mind? Is it someone close to you, someone famous, or a person from history? When we are inspired, we are stimulated to do or feel something. To think or act in a certain way. It can be great to draw inspiration from […]

With leadership it’s the little things that matter

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Recently, I was at Virgin’s airport lounge in Sydney waiting to catch a plane back to Melbourne, and at the same time Richard Branson was in the lounge saying hello to guests and chatting with staff. Apparently, he does that every time he is in town. No doubt he’s busy, but he finds the time […]

Who’s your source?

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We live in a world of abundance. Abundance of ideas, data and information. The challenge is there is so much we can be overwhelmed. As the noted economist and Nobel Prize winner, Herbert Simon said we are living in a world with a “wealth of information”, which is creating “a poverty of attention”. He’s right. […]

How to challenge your perspective of ‘you’

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Recently I started watching the Netflix series, The Crown, which if you haven’t watched before is a historical drama series centring around the life of Queen Elizabeth II. There’s no doubt that many aspects are dramatiSed to make it good TV watching. Regardless it provides an interesting and alternative perspective on their life and what […]

Why we need to say the Emperor has no clothes

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You may remember from your childhood the Hans Christian-Anderson fairy tale titled – The Emperor Has No Clothes. The story centred on two conmen who pretended to be weavers and convinced the Emperor they could make him a magical suit – the finest in the land.  The magic was that this suit would be invisible to […]

Expectations: Are they constraining how you lead?

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Expectations, we all have them. They can both constrain and inspire us. Problems arise when they define how we think and narrow our field of view. Expectations work both ways. Just as parents, peers, work colleagues, friends and family place expectations on us, we too place expectations on the people around us. Interestingly others can easily influence […]

Why friendship is important in the workplace

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Organisations often talk about culture, but rarely consider the role that having friendships at work plays in creating a healthy, dynamic and productive work environment. There’s no doubt that workplaces are complex environments – bringing together a melting pot of people with varying ideas, assumptions, experiences, expectations and ambitions. They can also be highly destructive. The damage that unhealthy […]

Worried about asking for what you need? Six tips to make it easier

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Have you ever walked out of a meeting or away from a conversation and felt like kicking yourself because you didn’t get what you needed? Chances are the reason you didn’t get what you needed is because you didn’t actually ask for it. There are numerous reasons why we hold back from asking for what […]

Influence – it’s not a solo pursuit

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The respected former CEO of Intel, Andy Grove, once said: “Just as you would not permit a fellow employee to steal a piece of office equipment, you shouldn’t let anyone walk away with the time of his fellow managers.” In organisations this happens every day, and it’s made worse for a leader if their team […]

Do you know what you stand for?

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It was the brilliant Oscar Wilde who said: “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” And yet in many quarters of society we see people who lose their voice and authenticity in an attempt to be liked by everyone or to appease both sides of an ideological divide. The same thing happens to people working […]

NZ Adviser: How to increase your influence at work


As financial advisers your work environment keeps changing. At the same time, you are asked to do more with less, while expectations are increasing from all quarters. To thrive through change and make more progress, you have to be able to influence. Here are three tips to get you started. Go to the NZ website to read […]

Having influence: machiavellian or competitive advantage?

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Technological disruption is driving a wave of change so great that the World Economic Forum has termed it the fourth industrial revolution. It is predicted that this change will blur the lines between the physical, digital and biological spheres, and fundamentally change the way we live and work. It’s not surprising that companies, both big […]