Are you under, over or a balanced self-promoter?

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One of the questions people often ask me is, ‘How do I get the balance right in promoting myself?’. People worry about over-promoting and coming off as arrogant, and others find talking about themselves difficult. However, as someone once said to me, ‘Michelle, if you don’t claim the credit for your work, there will be […]

Is likeability getting in your way?

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Many years ago, I worked with a leader who wanted everyone to like them. There was an upside to this because it meant they’d often say ‘yes’ to my requests. The downside was that their desire for likeability meant they didn’t like making unpopular or hard decisions, even when it was the best course of […]

Business Essentials Daily:

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Thanks to the Business Essentials Daily podcast, Michelle and Chris Ashmore had a fabulous conversation about how to deal with unmotivated staff.  If you want to motivate your team, retain good talent and create an environment where everyone is performing, it’s important to take the time to get to know your team members individually. Michelle […]

What debate will you start today?

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Debating was part of my childhood and school years. At family dinners, we debated all the time: ideas, concepts, politics and opinions. It was a natural segue to join the debating squad at high school. I loved the energy, conversations and learning. Debating as a concept harks back to ancient times. It’s designed to encourage participants […]

Mortgage Professional: Leadership in the post-pandemic workforce

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Michelle says in this article for Mortgage Professional, “It’s essential to recognise each team member’s needs and understand what they require to be at their best at work”. Thanks to Mortgage Professional for the opportunity for Michelle to share her insights.  COVID-19 came with challenge and opportunity for workplaces. As you look to the future […]

How do you know it’s true?

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Spoofing, spamming, scamming, impersonating, misinformation and hacking. You’ve likely been a victim of one or all of these, and if the predictions are correct, the frequency and sophistication will get worse. Last weekend, I woke up to someone impersonating me on Instagram (not a fun feeling), and I’ve had emails sent out under my name […]

Are you alert to the change cane toads at work?

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It seemed like a good idea at the time. You’ve got a problem and identified a solution. Tested the solution, and now you’ve rolled it out. The team and you sit back and celebrate your success…only to find unexpected impacts derail the change. Dependencies and connections you hadn’t identified have risen to the surface, and […]