Change it podcast: Being the leader of your career with Michelle Gibbings

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Michelle enjoyed speaking to Eloise Seidelin on her podcast Change it about her career journey. In Episode 12 of Change It, Workplace Expert Michelle Gibbings shares her journey through a successful corporate Career in Change into launching her own business. She shares: Curiosity and learning opening doors What makes you competitive in your career Corporate- […]

Helping organisations thrive podcast – Dealing with a bad boss

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Michelle was delighted to chat with Julian Roberts from the Helping Organisations Thrive podcast about how you can take bad boss conflict and turn it into a postive. Are you a bad boss? Do you work for a bad boss? Well, if you are either than take a listen to Michelle Gibbings who came on […]

Moving Forward Leadership podcast: How to deal with Bad Bosses

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In this podcast for Moving Forward Leadership, Michelle and the host, Scott McCarthy discuss Michelle’s background and story, the 4 types of bosses and how to deal with them, the 7 step guide to dealing with a bad boss, what to do if you’re a bad boss and the bad habits that impact the way […]

Paving your own Practice podcast with Dr Amna: toxic work cultures

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In discussion with Dr Amna from Paving your own Practice, Michelle discusses toxic work cultures. The discussion also reflects on Michelle’s latest book Bad Boss: What to do if you work for one, manage one or are one. Listen to the podcast here.  

Ultra106five: Pivoting Careers post Covid 19

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In this podcast, Michelle is interviewed by Dave from Weekend Wondering from Ultra106Five radio. Here they look at pivoting careers, post Covid-19. With the May unemployment figures showing that 44 per cent of COVID-19 job losses hit Australians aged under 25, now more than ever taking charge of your career is essential. Melbourne workplace expert […]

Team Guru: How to deal with a Bad Boss

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Listen to Michelle in this podcast from Team Guru with David Frizzell about how to deal with a bad boss.  Team Guru Podcast · 130 – How to deal with a Bad Boss | Michelle Gibbings Bad Bosses. We’ve all had them. Some of us work for one now. So what can you do about it? […]