Flying Solo: How to start a side hustle

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Thanks to Flying Solo, listen to Michelle’s advice on starting a side hustle while you are still employed.  If you’re thinking of starting a side hustle – business coach and workplace expert Michelle Gibbings has you covered. In this episode of Flying Solo, Michelle shares invaluable wisdom gained from her own experience, including the […]

Let’s get your earworm tuned

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You wake up in the morning, and a song pops into your head for no apparent reason. You’re going about your day, and a piece of music plays in your head on repeat – again and again. You’ll likely have experienced both scenarios. That’s an earworm in action. It turns out that more than 100 years ago, Germans […]

Change it podcast: Being the leader of your career with Michelle Gibbings

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Michelle enjoyed speaking to Eloise Seidelin on her podcast Change it about her career journey. In Episode 12 of Change It, Workplace Expert Michelle Gibbings shares her journey through a successful corporate Career in Change into launching her own business. She shares: Curiosity and learning opening doors What makes you competitive in your career Corporate- […]