When feedback is a gift we can do without

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We have been made to believe that feedback is a necessary and a positive thing. In this article  for, Michelle provides examples of when feedback can be unhelpful and perhaps even destructive. You will have heard the saying that feedback is a gift — yet there are times when it doesn’t feel like that. Recently, […]

The New Daily: Yes, you can give your boss feedback

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Thanks to The New Daily and Senior Reporter, Kate Jones, Michelle provides her insights on how you can give your boss feedback.  Employees have long been accustomed to receiving feedback from their bosses. But what if the tables were turned and workers could critique their employers? Only one in four of business leaders and line […]

HR Leader: How to help your people through times of great change

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The CSIRO’s recently released report, Our Future World, highlights the seven megatrends that will likely transform how we work, play and live. It’s a stark reminder that change is all around us, and is continual. Thanks to HR Leader, in this article Michelle explains how you can help your people through times of great change. […]

Foundr: 4 warning signs you are drunk on power

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You don’t have to look too far to see examples of the misuse of power—they’re littered throughout history and across politics, business, and community sectors. So what are the warning signs that we may be drunk on power? It can be when we think our rights and needs outweigh those of others. Michelle explains more […]

CEO Magazine: Why gratitude at work matters

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Practising workplace gratitude is about equipping leaders and employees with the strategies and mechanisms to cope with challenges and change. Thanks to CEO Magazine for the opportunity for Michelle to share her thoughts. When organisations analyse their culture and determine their values, ‘gratitude’ isn’t a trait that is likely to appear, and yet it is […]

Is your leadership letting the team down?

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If you were to outline the character traits of an ineffective leader what would spring to mind? Perhaps, at the extreme end, a narcissist or a bully. On the other end, perhaps ineffective listener, bad delegator and poorly organised. Just as effective leadership comes in many shapes and sizes, so too does bad leadership and its […]

Leaderonomics: Are you an entitled leader?

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Traits of an entitled leader and what to look out for. Thanks to Leaderonomics for the opportunity for Michelle to share her thoughts.  We often hear stories about celebrities and their ridiculous demands. Whether it’s $900 titanium drinking straws, specific types of candles and flowers, rooms painted in certain colours or unusual food requests. Whether some of these […]

CEO Magazine: Serious warning signs there’s bad leadership in your team

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As the leader, your behaviour sets the standard, including the behaviour you accept from the leaders that report to you. Thanks to CEO Magazine for the opportunity to provide my 10 ten warning signs of what to look out for. If you were to guess how many books have been published on leadership, what would […]

Leader’s Digest: How do you do leadership?

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Effective leadership begins with you. Thanks to Leader’s Digest for the opportunity to share my key indicators of leadership.  The true character of a person’s leadership comes to the fore in times of a crisis. none more so than Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, whose words when offered a safe passage to the US were, “The […]

Debbie Laskey’s Blog: The Best Leaders Remove Roadblocks

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Thanks to Debbie Laskey, Michelle and Debbie discuss how the best leaders remove roadblocks.  To quote Matthew Kobach (@mkobach), “Twitter is a key that unlocks thousands of doors, some of which you never even knew existed.” As a member of the Twitterverse for nearly 13 years, I always enjoy meeting new people and learning from […]