Decision making isn’t one size fits all

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Many years ago, I worked for someone who based their entire decision-making framework on the catchphrase – ‘A quick decision’s a good decision’. Sometimes this approach worked in their favour, and other times, it left them undone. Decision-making is never one size fits all. It operates on a continuum based on the issue’s simple or […]

CMO Australia: A leader’s role in rebuilding a culture of confidence

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With uncertainty around the future of work, in this article for CMO Australia, Michelle outlines how as a leader you are able to rebuild a culture of confidence. Every day, there are new predictions and studies on the future of work, the state of the economy and the unfolding global pandemic. All of which creates […]

IIDM: How Leaders Benefit From The Wisdom Of Youth

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In this article for the International Institute of Directors and Managers, Michelle discusses why leaders need to be open to new ways of thinking and she suggests new insights and ideas can come also from young people.  As organisations grapple with more complex issues and an ever-increasing pace of change, leaders need to be open […]

What’s your leadership playbook?

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If you were to guess how many books have been published on leadership, what would your answer be? In the hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands or millions? It’s hard to get accurate data. More than 60 000 items are on Amazon and close to ten thousand on Booktopia. And let’s not even include Google, which […]

Lawyers Weekly: How to sustain team motivation when the midyear slump hits?

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In this article for Lawyers Weekly, Michelle provides four tips in how to motivate your team when the midyear slump hits your team. In the southern states, winter can feel never-ending. Combine winter with COVID-19 fatigue, and you may be finding it harder to stay focused and be productive, writes Michelle Gibbings. The weather impacts […]

Bite Magazine: Surface Tension

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Thank you to Bite Magazine for inviting Michelle to share her thoughts about workplace tension and how, as a leader, you can disolve team conflict and create a more positive workplace.  Amanda and Lisa were receptionists in a busy Brisbane dental practice, each with very different working styles. Amanda liked to chat on with patients, […]

My Millennial Career Podcast: Good Boss, Bad Boss

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Michelle joined Shell Johnson and Emily Bowen on My Millennial Career Podcast to discuss the bad bosses, listen here. We have all either worked for a bad boss, managed a bad boss or been a bad boss ourselves, yikes! Michelle Gibbings knows so much about the experiences of bad bosses so who better to join […]

Who changes first?

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One of the critical times at work is getting a new boss or becoming the new boss. Relationships can shift, and new ones will form. Impressions are made on both sides of the relationship, and very quickly afterwards, an assessment of how much you think you will like working with the person. As the leader, […]

What’s your leadership gap?

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Leaders often have far more power and impact than they realise. A recent conversation was a stark reminder of this fact. A friend mentioned an interaction with their direct report and shared their surprise at the team member’s reluctance to challenge their thinking. Now you may be thinking, ‘Really? It was a surprise that they weren’t […]

Harvard Business Review: What to Do When Your Boss Is Ignoring You

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In this article for Harvard Business Review, Michelle suggests ways of what to do if your boss ignores you. Imagine this: You’re at the weekly brainstorming meeting with your team. Every time you share an idea, your boss brushes it aside or gives a cursory nod and moves ahead without any real reaction. Or worse, […]