Is Your Culture Hindering Progress?

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According to PWC’s annual Global CEO survey, 45% of CEOs believe their organisation won’t be viable in ten years if they stay on their current path. The pressure to keep up, perform, outperform and reinvent what you do and how you do it is never-ending. In this race to succeed, it’s imperative to consider whether your […]

Are You a Visible Leader?

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Meetings, meetings, and more meetings are a constant feature of the modern organisation, challenging leaders to determine how and where to best spend their time. It is easy to fill every workday with back-to-back meetings and little time for interaction with your team. It’s also easy to get stuck behind your computer responding to the […]

Is Your AI Approach Losing its Humanity?

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I am happy to fess up and admit that I have a troubling relationship with self-service check-outs. As the machine yells at me for the tenth time, ‘Unexpected item in the bagging area,’ I think, yes, there is something unexpected in that bagging area—my heart and soul. My shopping companion and husband, Craig, always finds […]

Is Your Leadership on Auto-Pilot?

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Many years ago, when I was travelling in the US, I came across the story of an older couple who were on holiday with their large Recreational Vehicle (RV), what in Australia we’d call a Motorhome. It was the first time they’d taken the RV out and seeing the cruise control function, they interpreted that […]

HR Leader: 6 tips for managing entitled employees

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People can be difficult, and if issues are allowed to fester in the workplace, processes can be interrupted. Being an effective people leader requires some initiative in handling these challenges. Thanks to HR Leader and Jack Campbell, in this article, Michelle notes that entitlement can be rife in the workplace. Leaders must be prepared for […]

Why Art Can Help Elevate Your Leadership Style

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When the year kicked off, a report suggested that anxiety and uncertainty were impacting CEO sentiments about the year ahead. The world has always been uncertain and we can over-emphasise the negative sentiments due to the cognitive bias of the recency effect, where we place more attention on recent events over historic ones. Swedish Academic Hans Rosling argued in […]

Business Essentials Daily Podcast: Dealing with Self-Entitled Employees

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Thanks to the Business Essentials Daily podcast, Chris Ashmore and Michelle discuss whether there’s an increase in self-entitled employees or are our bosses just getting older and perhaps less tolerant?  A self-entitled employee is someone who thinks they should be paid more, who always wants promotions, the best opportunities, bonuses and take holidays only when […]