Are you a change ready leader?

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If you’ve worked in any organisation for a while, you’ll likely have experienced some form of organisational change. Sadly, it’s also likely that your experience of the change may have been sub-par. The history of organisational change is littered with examples of projects and initiatives that didn’t go to plan. Never finished. Descoped. Poorly implemented […]

What debate will you start today?

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Debating was part of my childhood and school years. At family dinners, we debated all the time: ideas, concepts, politics and opinions. It was a natural segue to join the debating squad at high school. I loved the energy, conversations and learning. Debating as a concept harks back to ancient times. It’s designed to encourage participants […]

HR Leader: Emerging tech trends to stay ahead of the competition

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In this article for HR Leader, Michelle discusses tech trends that are transforming the workforce. Investing in the right tech can help businesses to stay ahead of the competition by streamlining processes and boosting engagement and productivity. Those who aren’t keeping up with tech trends run the risk of falling behind, said workplace expert Michelle […]

How to have better performance conversations

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Many years ago, I heard a senior business leader speak and they talked about the ‘forgetery’. It was the place where all the unhelpful performance feedback they received went to die. The concept has always stuck with me. Yes, feedback is essential, and so too, are good performance conversations. Yet sadly, so often, they miss […]

Five ways to destroy your team’s productivity

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When you are seeking to make a change, improve a process, or restructure your organisation, it’s likely that one of your outcomes is to increase productivity. More often than not, productivity is seen as desirable, and it’s something that governments, organisations, leaders and individuals strive to attain. And yet, there are many actions leaders can take […]