Are you an entitled leader?

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We often hear stories about celebrities and their ridiculous demands. Whether it’s $900 titanium drinking straws, specific types of candles and flowers, rooms painted in certain colours or unusual food requests. Whether some of these requests are true or not, they make good fodder for the tabloids. We can see examples of entitlement across society. It’s a person […]

Inside FMCG: Why team culture is king

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Workplace culture shapes behaviour. It gives a sense of belonging and of being a part of a team. That’s never more important than in difficult times like the ones we live in now. Thanks to Inside FMCG for the opportunity to share my ideas.  Te year 2022 is well under way, and the reality of […]

Training & Development Magazine: COVID Fatigue

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In this article published in Training & Development Magazine, Michelle explains the import role culture plays in keeping teams engaged.  2022 is underway and the reality of COVID-19’s long tail has dawned on all of us. Employees and bosses alike are well and truly over COVID, with uncertainty continuing to rise and workplace challenges continuing. […]

CEOWorld Magazine: Why Uncomfortable conversations are critical for success

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Uncomfortable conversations come in all shapes and sizes and for a variety of reasons.  Getting comfortable with uncomfortable is essential for a fulfilled life. Uncomfortable conversations aren’t fun. They’re the conversation you put off until the last minute, anticipate with dread, and worry about. However, stepping into them is an essential ingredient for effective leadership […]

Herald Sun: We’re now homeward bound

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Thanks to Lauren Ahwan and the Herald Sun, I provide advice on why is good to stick to reasonable working hours. The work-from-home trend – once seen as a potential silver lining for Covid-19 – also presents a major pitfall for Australians, who are working more than 10 extra hours each week. Unable to make […]

What’s the friction holding you back?

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Is friction holding you back from making the progress you seek and from making a change happen? Craig and I have recently taken up bike riding. Not having ridden a bike since my teenage years, getting back on, I was a little nervous (perhaps an understatement, because I did have thoughts of scrapes, bruises and […]

CEO Magazine: Easy ways leaders can create a stress-free and productive workplace

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Workplaces can be highly stressful when the organisation’s culture doesn’t align with its stated objectives. In this article published in CEO Magazine, Michelle looks at the ways to enable employees to excel. Leaders play a crucial role in setting workplace culture, although it’s never one size fits all because organisations have different needs, and workplaces […]

CMO Australia: A leader’s role in rebuilding a culture of confidence

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With uncertainty around the future of work, in this article for CMO Australia, Michelle outlines how as a leader you are able to rebuild a culture of confidence. Every day, there are new predictions and studies on the future of work, the state of the economy and the unfolding global pandemic. All of which creates […]

Bite Magazine: Surface Tension

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Thank you to Bite Magazine for inviting Michelle to share her thoughts about workplace tension and how, as a leader, you can disolve team conflict and create a more positive workplace.  Amanda and Lisa were receptionists in a busy Brisbane dental practice, each with very different working styles. Amanda liked to chat on with patients, […]

My Millennial Career Podcast: Good Boss, Bad Boss

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Michelle joined Shell Johnson and Emily Bowen on My Millennial Career Podcast to discuss the bad bosses, listen here. We have all either worked for a bad boss, managed a bad boss or been a bad boss ourselves, yikes! Michelle Gibbings knows so much about the experiences of bad bosses so who better to join […]