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Getting you ready for tomorrow, today.®

Michelle Gibbings is on a mission to bring a little joy back into the workplace, after all, she is the expert. Having penned three books, she speaks internationally, passionately and prominently about better ways to lead. Her mantra is simple: help people thrive and progress is accelerated.

Leadership Facilitator

Using expertly designed and custom curated facilitation, Michelle helps organisations and teams secure greater engagement, enhanced capability and strategically aligned decisions.

Executive Mentor

Supporting forward thinking executives, Michelle enhances careers and outcomes by shifting perspectives: elevating her client’s ability to connect, engage and empower.

Keynote Speaker

Internationally recognised, Michelle is the author of three books and is welcomed on stages globally to help inspire leaders, teams and organisations to create successful and thriving workplaces.

We are living in a time of unprecedented change.

Every industry, market or sector is confronting disruption, making it increasingly difficult to predict the future. Are you ready?

In a shifting landscape, the solutions aren’t always obvious. And yet, the expectations have never been higher. Demands on leadership are increasing and the pressure to perform is unparalleled. What can we do to stay relevant? How do we make sustainable, meaningful progress? To thrive, we need to find a way to navigate this complexity, and pragmatic and purposeful steps to identify, harness and leverage the unseen opportunities.

“Michelle is an extraordinary executive coach with extensive Group Executive and Global media and coaching expertise. She is constantly sought after to appear on major media channels. I have known and worked with her for twenty years, and I only refer people I believe exceed my standards. She works and partners with an executive to get them to where they need to be. As an author, she has written books precisely aligned to executives succeeding. I have used her text in my consulting programs, and she receives glowing accolades from senior executive and board members on how the coaching guides have changed their life. Michelle has personally been responsible for influencing several vital executives in Government and ASX 1-5, helping them reignite and rebrand for significant success. I cannot praise her more highly. Michelle will work with you over an extended period to support you in creating the best you. There is a cost of time and money. It is a commitment, but I can guarantee that you will secure the outcomes you seek. Taking risks and being courageous is how we find our best opportunities. Many executives experience a catalyst that propels self-reflection, self-investment, and a desired new vision of self-direction for happiness and fulfilment. Michelle will help you in taking the first step. From there is the future that allows you to thrive and grow.”

Wendy Leegel, CEO, Leegel Consulting Group

“Michelle was a keynote speaker at the International Confederation of Principals Conference in Shanghai in 2019. Her speech – ‘Finding your leadership edge’ – set the right tone, message and energy for the audience, and we received tremendous feedback on her presentation from the international delegates. Michelle engaged exceptionally well and her attendance at other events that were part of the conference schedule was an added bonus. The delegates really valued her spending time with them in social settings. The delegates appreciated her content and style, but also her genuine interest in them. Comments such as how amazing, friendly, clever, and down to earth she is were made. If you are looking for a speaker who engages, challenges and inspires delegates, is committed to delivering an excellent outcome and customises her work to your delegates, then we would highly recommend her.”

Sheree Vertigan AM, Executive Secretary, International Confederation of Principals
Alta van Heerden, President, International Confederation of Principals

Making a better system, not the system better.

Working with forward-thinking leaders, executive teams and large-scale organisations, Michelle Gibbings helps people embrace the unknown, deepen their decision making and build their courage, conviction and capability. The key to her success is working with people through three lenses: as an individual, a leader, and in their wider role (and influence) within their organisation. Tapping into each of these facets, she brings self-awareness to the forefront, empowering people to work with those around them in a way that is productive, healthy and happy.

The result? People are cool, calm and collected when dealing with the challenges of today. And remain bold, brave and balanced in the face of future disruption.

Bad Boss

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Bad Boss: What to do if you work for one, manage one or are one.

Bad Boss is for anyone who is in – or who is keen to avoid – a negative workplace environment characterised by difficult relationships.  The question is, in a tough or toxic work environment, are you brave enough to take action to improve challenging relationships? Read more…

Fast reader? Hungry for practical tips? Continue learning and exploring your potential with Michelle Gibbings best-selling books Step Up and Career Leap, which uncover ways to help you step ahead, step up and leap into your brilliant future.

In Action...

Michelle Gibbings is on a mission to help leaders, teams and organisations create successful workplaces – where people thrive, and progress is accelerated. Through advice, insights and practical tools she empowers people to thrive through complexity, unlock greater awareness, and make powerful, wise and congruent choices.  Choices that better serve their colleagues, organisation and career.

Watch Michelle in action helping people, teams and organisation get ready for what the future holds, today.

Who Michelle Gibbings works with

Michelle Gibbings works with some of Australia’s most respected organisations. With her expertise in high demand, she has developed leaders, enhanced team dynamics and evolved workplace cultures in everything from small start-ups to global corporate giants, as well as government departments and agencies.

Who Michelle Gibbings writes for

An expert in her field, Michelle’s words of wisdom are frequently featured in international publications and across a host of digital sites and media outlets. Providing insight into workplace cultures, career progression and practical tools on how to prepare people for the inevitable challenges of today, and tomorrow.

“Having engaged Michelle a number of times, we are very impressed with her ability to facilitate groups of all sizes with natural ease. Michelle has worked with our Senior Leadership Team and also with our wider team of over 80 staff members. On both occasions Michelle provided extremely valuable sessions. Her ability to draw out key outputs and actions from these sessions that then flow through to results is second to none. Her collaborative approach to these sessions sees Michelle really get to know the team and our needs. She facilitates interactive, open and meaningful sessions that we would highly recommend to any sized team.”

Chris Walsh, Chief Information Officer, John Holland