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We are living in a time of unprecedented change. Every industry, market or sector is confronting disruption, making it increasingly difficult to predict the future.

In such a shifting landscape, the solutions aren’t always obvious. And yet, our expectations have never been higher. The demands on leadership are increasing. The pressure to perform is unparalleled.

What can we do to stay relevant in a such a complex world? How do we make sustainable, meaningful progress in the face of so much uncertainty?

To thrive, we need to find a way to navigate this complexity. Practical tools to find clarity. Pragmatic and purposeful steps to identify, harness and leverage the unseen opportunities.

We must become
masters of change

Cool, calm and collected when dealing with the challenges of today. Bold, brave and balanced in the face of future disruption. We must learn to love change, to deepen our decision making and get comfortable embracing the unknown.

I show forward thinking leaders, executive teams, and large-scale organisations how to do just that. How to empower people to thrive through complexity, unlock greater awareness, and make powerful, wise and congruent choices.  Choices that better serve their colleagues, organisation and career.

This is the work that matters, the work I’m good at and the work I love.

I help people, teams and organisation get ready for what the future holds, today. So they can step ahead, step up and leap into their brilliant future.

What my clients say

I engaged Michelle to custom design a leadership program for managers in the function who were new to their leadership role. Michelle was delightful to work with: pragmatic, flexible, focused on delivering excellent outcomes and clearly an expert in her field. The feedback from the program participants was overwhelmingly positive. They appreciated Michelle’s depth of experience and her ability to keep them engaged in the learning process. I would highly recommend her as a facilitator and trainer.”

General Manager, Digital, Major Australian Financial Institution

I engaged Michelle to run a series of sessions with my leadership team and broader team to help build the team’s engagement and capability. The sessions were well designed, expertly executed and achieved the desired objectives. I received fantastic feedback from the team, who found the sessions stimulating, thought provoking and practical. The team walked away with new ideas and learnings, and focused to deliver on our strategic outcomes. Michelle was very easy to work with – accommodating, organised and intent on delivering value. I’d highly recommend her.

Michael Clark, Executive Director- Technology & Innovation, Fair Work Ombudsman

Leadership Facilitator

Using expert designed facilitation Michelle helps organisations and teams secure greater team engagement, enhanced capability and strategically aligned decisions.

Executive Mentor

Michelle supports forward thinking executives to shift their thinking, elevate their ability to connect and engage, and enhance their career outcomes.

Keynote Speaker

As a leading expert in complexity and transition, Michelle inspires audiences to think more deliberately, accelerate progress and take action to secure sustainable change in their personal and professional lives.

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Career Leap is a great leap forward for anyone navigating work in the 21st century
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How would it feel to know that you had in your hands all the tools and techniques to land a new career – whenever you wanted it?

With the increasing use of automation and artificial intelligence and the rise of freelancing and the gig economy comes enormous workplace change and flexibility, but also less security. You cannot future-proof your job, but you can future-proof your career.

Career Leap shows you what you need to know, how you need to change and how you can prepare for the inevitable tides of change.

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What my clients say

“We had recently reorganised – bringing together technology and consulting teams that had previously worked fairly autonomously. Michelle Gibbings was engaged to facilitate an offsite with the new team and help us begin aligning around our new strategy/culture and charting the path forward. She was delightful to work with – flexible, focused and generous with her time. Running sessions for a diverse audience of 100 people requires expert planning and execution. Michelle bought great energy and insight to the day as our speaker, and the event was a huge success. I highly recommend Michelle as a speaker and facilitator.”

Steven Willson, Chief Technology Officer, AMP

“We engaged Michelle as the keynote speaker for our Brisbane 2017 Executive Update. Michelle’s presentation was inspiring and unforgettable. We could not have asked for a better keynote speaker. In addition to Michelle’s obvious expertise, experience and insights, Michelle connected with her audience, delivered her message and provided practical examples. Personally I found her insights invaluable and thought provoking. Feedback from our clients both on the day and since then has been overwhelmingly positive. Several have mentioned it was the best keynote that they had seen. Our team found Michelle professional, easy to work with and flexible in tailoring her presentation to our needs and audience. I would highly recommend her.”

Barry Dunphy, Partner in Charge, Clayton Utz, Brisbane