Inside Small Business: Beyond face value

In today’s fast paced environment, business leaders are often expected to have all the answers. However in a world of increasing complexity and ambiguity there are many unknowns, and it’s not possible for leaders to have all the answers all of the time. In the Inside Small Business magazine, I share my thoughts on the challenges that […]

Today Extra: Five warning signs you need to find a new job

I appeared on the Today Extra program with David & Sonia to talk about the current work climate and the five very important signs you need to be aware of that indicate it might be time to find a new job. In addition, I share my tips on how to successfully change careers. You can […]

SMH: Are you drunk on power?

I spoke with journalist Alexandra Cain recently about how easy it is to become insufferable if you’ve got even the slightest bit of power, and how important it is not to abuse your power in business. In many organisations, even small businesses, the hierarchical structure sets a foundation for power imbalance, and it’s easy to […]

The Press NZ: How to turn an enemy into an ally

Nobody wants an enemy in the workplace, and working out how to manage someone we consider an enemy can be tricky. But there are ways of increasing the odds of mending the relationship by taking a more proactive approach. The Press NZ recently published my thoughts on this – you can read the article here.

HRD: Why you should spend time with annoying colleagues

Do you work with someone who’s annoying? I often say that if there is someone who really annoys you at work, they’re the person you need to spend more time with. Why, you may ask? Because they think differently to you and they’ll challenge how you see they world, and they’ll challenge you to think about […]

UNSW: How science reveals drivers of an innovation culture

I was interviewed recently by the UNSW Business School about innovation. The question? “What lies behind the creative spark of novel and useful ideas”. I believe that barriers to innovation are often in the mind; innovation doesn’t have to be complicated or left up to the highly creative. You can read my thoughts on the […]

CEO Magazine: Collaboration isn’t always the answer

Collaboration is one of those modern-day business buzz words; it gets tossed around as though it should be applied to all situations. But collaboration isn’t always the answer. Effective leaders know that collaborative decision making isn’t a one-size-fits-all. It’s about picking the approach that is fit for purpose. I wrote about this recently – you […]

HuffPost: How to deal with a colleague who’s drunk on power

I spoke to HuffPost recently about the difficulties associated with working with people who are drunk on power. These are the people who make everything about themselves, ensuring they look good and using whatever power they have (whether real or not), throwing it around recklessly. There are warning signs that somebody might be drunk on […]

Label: How to find your next career move

Getting clarity on your next career step doesn’t have to be hard, in fact it can be fun. It starts with throwing away the expectations that others have of us, and asking yourself some key questions to ensure that your next move will leave you fulfilled and satisfied. I spoke to Label recently about how […]

Business Chicks: How to figure out your next career move

Feeling stuck in your career and wondering what to do next? Getting clarity on your next career step doesn’t have to be hard, and it can be fun. It starts with throwing away the expectations that others have of us. Expectations drive us to hold a fixed view as to the job we ‘should’ do. However, accepting […]

Executive Style – How to mend a relationship and turn an office enemy into an ally

Nobody wants an enemy in the workplace, and working out how to manage someone we consider an enemy can be tricky. But there are ways of increasing the odds of mending the relationship by taking a more proactive approach. Executive Style asked me for my thoughts on this recently – you can read the article […]

Australian News & Buzz: Five most common signs of burnout

If you’re waking up on a workday wishing you could be anywhere else than where you’re headed for the next eight hours, it could be you’re on the brink of burnout. On the Australian News & Buzz website I share the five early warning signs of workplace burnout; it could be time for a change. […]

HRM Online: Do your expectations constrain how you lead?

Expectations. We all have them. But when they constrain how a person leads and therefore the effectiveness of their leadership style it’s time to reign them in. I wrote about this for HRM Online recently – you can read the full article here.

Pedestrian TV: Six sit-down-and-ponder questions to ask yourself before quitting your job

I spoke to the guys at Pedestrian TV recently about what you should be asking yourself before you quit your job. While many of us are blessed enough to have an amazing job, some of us might be struggling to make it out of bed every morning as we dread our cold, unwelcoming workplaces. It’s […]

Investment Magazine: Good decisions depend on an open mind

In a world of increasing complexity and ambiguity it’s essential that leaders know how to make good decisions to ensure good organisational performance. Making good decisions involves taking deliberate steps to avoid falling into the trap of default thinking. In my article in Investment Magazine I share some practices that should be adopted to ensure […]

CEO Magazine: Authenticity is key to unlocking leadership success

Authenticity in leadership encourages different ideas, diverse opinions and questions being asked. As organisations confront an uncertain and changing future, they need leaders willing to embrace who they are and that are comfortable recognising they don’t have all the answers. My article in The CEO Magazine explains why authenticity is key to unlocking leadership success. […]

MamaMia – How to tell when it’s time to move on and get a new job

If your work is making you so unhappy that it’s impacting your wellbeing and the wellbeing of those around you it’s usually time to consider ‘voting yourself off the island’. And by that I mean taking control and making the decision to go somewhere else or do something different. There are always aspects of a role that can be boring […]

9Honey: Five signs that you’re drunk on power

Power – if used correctly – can be a force for good. But we’ve all worked with that person … one minute she’s your happy-go-lucky co-worker sitting by your side as she regales the office with tales of Tinder dates gone wrong, and the next, she gets a promotion, busts out her ‘inner horrible boss’ […]

Financial Planning: Five steps to building a more effective network

Is your network an asset or a liability? Does it drive your business forward or does it hold you back? If you want to build a network as an asset, my article in the August Financial Planning magazine provides five vital steps that will help you take your professional network to the next level. You […]