CEO Magazine: Authenticity is key to unlocking leadership success

Authenticity in leadership encourages different ideas, diverse opinions and questions being asked. As organisations confront an uncertain and changing future, they need leaders willing to embrace who they are and that are comfortable recognising they don’t have all the answers. My article in The CEO Magazine explains why authenticity is key to unlocking leadership success. […]

9Honey: Five signs that you’re drunk on power

Power – if used correctly – can be a force for good. But we’ve all worked with that person … one minute she’s your happy-go-lucky co-worker sitting by your side as she regales the office with tales of Tinder dates gone wrong, and the next, she gets a promotion, busts out her ‘inner horrible boss’ […]

Financial Planning: Five steps to building a more effective network

Is your network an asset or a liability? Does it drive your business forward or does it hold you back? If you want to build a network as an asset, my article in the August Financial Planning magazine provides five vital steps that will help you take your professional network to the next level. You […]

WHIMN: 5 Simple Tips to have a Winning Week at Work

There’s nothing worse than having a super busy week at work but feeling like you got nothing actually done. As workloads seem to only increase it’s never been more important to make sure you have the most productive week possible. Because there’s no better feeling than walking out the door on a Friday feeling like you’ve actually accomplished stuff, […]

WYZA: Starting over. Again.

Starting your career over, again, is a scenario that people can find themselves in reluctantly, as a result of a surprise redundancy, an unexpected firing or a company collapse. Having to start over when you’re over 50 – when you least expect to and when also dealing with defeat – can be confronting. I share […]

MamaMia: How to know if you have a power-hungry boss

There’s an old saying: Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. It’s attributed to Lord Acton, a nineteenth century historian and moralist. In an organisational context, both the positive and negative aspects of power play out. When a person wields power over others for their own gain it ultimately erodes corporate culture, team dynamics and leads to poor […]

Governance Directions: Getting decision-making match fit

With the world changing at exponential rates, organisations are needing to rapidly adapt and become more adept at solving complex problems and making decisions often with incomplete information and time pressures. In such an environment, the role that governance professionals play in steering the board through decision processes becomes even more important. I wrote about […]

Leaderonomics: Know your organisation’s tipping point

Every organisational change has a tipping point, which can go one of two ways – up or down. Many people will know Malcolm Gladwell’s concept of tipping point. He talks about a tipping point as that moment when an idea, trend or social behaviour tips across a threshold, so it spreads exponentially. In organisations, there […]

GRC Compliance: Good decision making doesn’t happen by chance

Good decision making is a skill that is essential at all levels of leadership. However, being tribal creatures we like to fit in and be part of the pack. On many occasions, we would rather follow the crowd than be sidelined and left out. In my article in the GRC Compliance magazine I discuss the concept of tribe mentality […]

Business Chicks: How to manage precious and difficult people

We all have people in our personal and professional life who we find challenging. We may label them as ‘precious’, ‘difficult’ or ‘hard work’. The typical approach to managing people such as this is try to avoid them or find a way to work around them. In fact, we should do the opposite. We need […]

AIM: Why effective leaders use the power of silence

In a noisy world, it can be easy for leaders to equate impact with how much they talk. Less is thought about the power of silence. Silence is a communication device, just like listening and talking, which when used wisely can increase a leader’s impact. Read my article about why effective leaders use the power […]

HRD: Why do leadership initiatives often fail?

Australia’s leadership programs lack adequate connection with the challenges faced in an economy still grappling with the end of the resources boom, and leaders are confronting increasingly complex work environments. Leadership development must move beyond focusing on teaching new skills and behaviours. I share my thoughts on effective leadership in this article on the Human […]

Professional Planner: Today’s leaders are determined yet flexible

Being effective leaders in a time when the world is undergoing such complex and rapid change that it’s been called the fourth industrial revolution by the World Economic Forum isn’t easy. Leadership tenure is shrinking. Employees are struggling to cope. Having effective teams that can secure outcomes and leaders who nurture the right environment to […]

FPA Magazine: Is your decision-making dangerous?

My article in Financial Planning Magazine looks at decision making; the limitations and often unconscious bias that surrounds decision making, possibly making it dangerous. I share eight tips to guide you through your decision-making. You can read the full article here.

HuffPost: How to get the most out of your internship

An internship provides an opportunity to take the theoretical learning and put it into a practical environment – it’s the practical side of tertiary learning. In my interview with Huff Post recently I share my Top 4 Tips on how to get the most out of your internship. You can read the full article here.

Leader Magazine: Be aware of the danger zone

I was delighted to speak with Leader Magazine recently about failing leadership and the detrimental effects it can have on an organisation. One of the best attributes a leader can have is the self-awareness to realise that they are about to fall into the ‘danger zone’ of failing leadership. You can read the full article […]

Leaderonomics: Do you have a feast or famine mindset at work?

In a highly competitive work environment, people often act as though there aren’t enough resources, rewards or recognition to go around. But collaborating and sharing will get you far. Read my article about feast or famine mindsets in Leaderonomics.