Michelle regularly writes for and features in local and international publication and media outlets.

IIDM: Five Ways To Ensure The Leaders You Manage Are Leading Well

Michelle was delighted to provide her thoughts to International Institute of Directors and Managers about how to ensure the leaders you are managing are actually leading well. Read her five key points here. Leaders set the standard by their behaviour and by the behaviour they accept in those they lead. In times of change and […]

Harvard Business Review: What to Do When Your Boss Is Ignoring You

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In this article for Harvard Business Review, Michelle suggests ways of what to do if your boss ignores you. Imagine this: You’re at the weekly brainstorming meeting with your team. Every time you share an idea, your boss brushes it aside or gives a cursory nod and moves ahead without any real reaction. Or worse, […]

New Idea: 5 ways to jazz up your resume

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Michelle was invited by New Idea to share ways you can jazz up your CV to help you return to the workforce. Read her 5 tips in this article. Maybe the pandemic has affected your industry, or perhaps you’ve been out of the workforce to raise a family. When a person is looking for work, […]

Yahoo Finance: 5 ways to supercharge your creativity

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In this article for Yahoo Finance, Michelle contributes her thoughts and offers five ways you can supercharge your creativity.  When you think about creativity and innovation, what comes to mind? The iPhone? Driverless cars? Art and sculpture? Or things that were once considered innovative, such as the humble toaster? Creativity and innovation are all around […]

Chief of Staff: Why you should put ‘we’ before ‘me’

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Working as part of a team might seem like it will slow you down. You might want to believe that you can do it all yourself. In this article for Chief of Staff Magazine, Michelle advises why embracing teamwork will benefit you. Would you prefer to work alone or as part of a team? It’s […]

CEO Magazine: Workplace expert’s advice for securing your future employment

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In this article for CEO Magazine, Michelle explains how to maximize your future employment as most types of jobs (of today) won’t be around in the future.  Most future studies focus on the types of jobs that won’t be around, but workplace expert Michelle Gibbings explains that the emphasis should also be internal for those […]

Sky News: ‘Networking’ the key to landing a job and finding successful employment

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Sky News invited Michelle on the program to share ideas about jobs, networking and finding the next step in your career. Watch the clip to learn more. Your “network” is the key to landing your next job and sometimes taking that next job will “set you up” for a bigger and better role, according to […]

active CEO podcast: I’ve got a Bad Boss

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On this episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Michelle Gibbings about I’ve got a bad boss, building strong relationships, learning the language of business and stepping into conversations you need to have. Listen here.    

CEO World Magazine: Why saying thank you at work matters

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In this article for  CEO World Magazine I explain why it’s important to treat your team with respect. Read on. Being a leader can be hard at times, yet there are also many times when it can be straightforward. When you ask employees what they want from their leader, the answers are relatively consistent and […]

The AM Show: How to avoid workplace drama

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Michelle had a fabulous conversation with Duncan and the NZ AM morning show crew talking about workplace drama. How do you stay out of the office drama and build great working relationships? Thanks to The AM Show team for having Michelle on.    

Helping organisations thrive podcast – interview with Michelle Gibbings

Michelle was recently interviewed by Julian Roberts ahead of the Helping Organisations Podcast, due to be released in May 2021. In this live You Tube clip, Julian and Michelle discuss how you can take a bad boss conflict and turn it into a positive impact for your team and organisation. Watch the You Tube clip here […]

Women’s Day: How to find part-time work

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Michelle was invited by Women’s Day magazine to share her tips, in this article, on how to find part-time work.  You may want to ease into retirement, or are seeking shorter working hours because you need to spend more time with children or ageing parents. Whatever the reason, if you’ve seeking part-time or more flexible […]

Mortgage Professional Magazine: Adapting leadership to a post-pandemic workforce

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In this article for Mortgage Professional Magazine, Michelle shares her ideas on how to adapt your leadership in a post-pandemic workforce. Since the social restrictions introduced in 2020 forced much of the Australian workforce to work from home, employers have been preparing for what the workforce will look like moving forward. Michelle Gibbings offers some […]

Inside Small Business: There is no “I” in team

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For this article featured in the Autumn edition of Inside Small Business, Michelle highlights five ways to motivate and bring your team together. Would you prefer to work alone or as part of a team? It’s a question people are often asked in a job interview. How a person answers that question isn’t solely determined […]

Inside FMCG: R.E.S.P.E.C.T

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Michelle wrote this article for Inside FMCG magazine that discusses respect and appreciation for your team. Being a leader can be hard at times, yet there are also many times when it can be straightforward. When you ask employees what they want from their leader, the answers are relatively consistent and simple. Christine Porath, Georgetown […]

New Idea: 5 ways to never feel stressed at work again

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New Idea invited Michelle to contribute her thoughts (in the article below) on how to reduce stress at work. Read Michelle’s suggestion at point #2 below.  Is the pressure building at work? Turn to these ideas. You know the feeling. It’s Saturday night and a creeping sense of dread arrives whenever you think about the working […]