2UE Talking Lifestyle: Future proofing your career

The way we work is changing. Those entering the workforce today will have an estimated 17 employers and 5 careers in their lifetime. Roles are becoming automated across all professions and industries, and employees need to change their idea of what it means to be employed. The rise of freelancing and the gig economy means flexibility and […]

Executive PA: Create your Career Development Plan

Have you got that ‘new year new career’ itch but are yet to do something about it? If you don’t continuously refine and adapt your operating style, you’ll quickly become outdated and find that those top jobs pass you by. But equipping yourself with new skills requires a willingness to learn new things and develop […]

LBD Group: Why knowing your brand amplifies your career

While companies have a brand, so too do individuals. Being conscious of the brand and image you project is important to ensure it enhances, not detracts from your career. I share four key tips for knowing and nurturing your personal brand in order to amplify your career on the LBDGroup website. You can read my […]

9Honey: How to handle rejection and turn it into something positive

We’ve all tasted rejection of one kind or another, but the nice thing about rejection is there will come a time when, in hindsight, you can see that it turned out to be a good thing. Hindsight allows you to realise that, in many cases, you weren’t rejected as ‘a person’, rather that particular role […]

9Honey: When to accept advice, and when to ignore it

I spoke to 9Honey recently about advice. Not all advice is well-meaning or best suited to the outcome you’d like to achieve. When given advice, you need to ask yourself if there’s any hidden agenda attached, and think about whether the person is qualified in the area they’re giving advice. You can read the full […]

Daily Mail: Do you want to quit your job? Five signs that it’s time to move into a new role

Every workplace comes with its share of stress, difficulties and frustration, but when does it get to the point you may need to leave? I spoke with the Daily Mail recently about how you can recognise the signs that it might be time to start looking for something new. You can read the full article […]

9Honey: How to take control of your overwhelming inbox

When it comes to email and what might seem like a frightening, overflowing inbox, you basically have two choices: ignore it, or get organised. I spoke with 9Honey about ways you can take control of your inbox and focus on what’s important. Read my tips here.

New Idea – Nail that job interview

I was asked recently by the people at New Idea for my tips on nailing a job interview. The judgements that interviewers make about you at first glance are likely to influence their thinking throughout the interview, so creating a great first impression is important! This is just one of my 4 tips to help […]

CEO Magazine – When it comes to change, patience isn’t a virtue

Patience is often described as a virtue, while impatience is seen as a character flaw, and something that you wouldn’t aspire to. However, when you are leading change, impatience – the restless kind that isn’t content to just sit back and watch – can be really helpful. Established organisations that are looking to adapt and […]

MamaMia – Eight powerful ways to take charge of your career in 2018

People who lead their career take time to actively plan their career. They set aside time to reflect on the goals they want to achieve, progress made and key next steps. And they don’t wait for the organisation they work for to develop them. They see learning as crucial to future success and therefore constantly […]

HRM Online: Why leaders must excel at collaborative decision making

In a complex, connected and ever-changing world the need for leaders to excel at collaborative decision making is more critical than ever. When leaders genuinely collaborate they open themselves up to different ideas and recognise that a better outcome will be achieved by securing input from a diverse range of stakeholders and having their ideas debated […]

Daily Mail: Is an office romance ever a good idea?

Whether it’s frowned upon or not, some co-workers simply can’t help but strike up an office romance. There are pros and cons of a workplace tryst – I was asked for my thoughts on the subject by The Daily Mail. You can read the article here.

The Courier Mail Careers – How to be productive this December without it feeling like work at all

As featured in the Careers section of The Courier Mail, I share some great advice on how to reconnect, reflect and refresh during December. Read about how the pre-Christmas period can be a fantastic time to do things that the busyness of the rest of the year makes harder.

Jamaica Blue: The Win Win Approach

Adopting a win-win approach to 2018 could change the way you engage with others, and bring about a transformation in your life. When talking to Jamaica Blue magazine recently about adopting a more positive mindset for the year ahead, there were two words that popped up regularly in conversation. Find out what they were, and […]

Money & LIfe – Motivating your team to action

Great leaders work to bring out the best in each person, so that each person in the team is motivated to take action – both individually and collectively. The effectiveness of any organisation – regardless of size – can be improved by considering and addressing the factors that can get in the way of teams […]

2UE Talking Lifestyle – 8 ways to super charge your career

I chatted to Ed Phillips from Talking Lifestyle on 2UE recently about ways that we can take control of our own career trajectory. We can’t sit back and wait for things to happen to us, we have the power to take the wheel. I share 8 ways that we can turbo charge our careers – […]

New Idea: Stuck in a rut? 8 ways to turbo charge your career

Have you ever found yourself sitting at your desk, thinking that your career is stagnating and needing a bit of a boost? Or perhaps you feel under-appreciated or under-utilised, but not sure what to do about it? There are some simple ways to turbo-charge your career and many of them relate to attitude. I share […]

HRM Online: 4 warning signs you are drunk on power

It’s important for leaders to be alert to the warning signs that power is negatively impacting how they think and behave. When you stop listening to other people’s ideas, your thought process becomes narrow which impacts decision making and organisational success. On the Human Resources Management website, HRM Online, I share four warning signs that […]

YouInc: How to decode defensive behaviour

We all have defensive tendencies, but it doesn’t mean we’re defensive people. However, to make sure you’re not labeling someone as a defensive person you need to ask the right questions, and listen. I spoke with YouInc recently and introduced some guidelines you can try out with your team to ensure you are equiped to lean […]

Choinque: Podcast with Jim Emerick

I joined Jim Emerick on his podcast “Choinque” recently, where we argued that finding our purpose and happiness first leads to success, rather than the opposite. I also share my personal discovery that being known for getting things done, often by leaving my comfort zone, is far more important than being the best at just […]