The Courier Mail Careers – How to be productive this December without it feeling like work at all

As featured in the Careers section of The Courier Mail, I share some great advice on how to reconnect, reflect and refresh during December. Read about how the pre-Christmas period can be a fantastic time to do things that the busyness of the rest of the year makes harder.

Jamaica Blue: The Win Win Approach

Adopting a win-win approach to 2018 could change the way you engage with others, and bring about a transformation in your life. When talking to Jamaica Blue magazine recently about adopting a more positive mindset for the year ahead, there were two words that popped up regularly in conversation. Find out what they were, and […]

Money & LIfe – Motivating your team to action

Great leaders work to bring out the best in each person, so that each person in the team is motivated to take action – both individually and collectively. The effectiveness of any organisation – regardless of size – can be improved by considering and addressing the factors that can get in the way of teams […]

2UE Talking Lifestyle – 8 ways to super charge your career

I chatted to Ed Phillips from Talking Lifestyle on 2UE recently about ways that we can take control of our own career trajectory. We can’t sit back and wait for things to happen to us, we have the power to take the wheel. I share 8 ways that we can turbo charge our careers – […]

New Idea: Stuck in a rut? 8 ways to turbo charge your career

Have you ever found yourself sitting at your desk, thinking that your career is stagnating and needing a bit of a boost? Or perhaps you feel under-appreciated or under-utilised, but not sure what to do about it? There are some simple ways to turbo-charge your career and many of them relate to attitude. I share […]

HRM Online: 4 warning signs you are drunk on power

It’s important for leaders to be alert to the warning signs that power is negatively impacting how they think and behave. When you stop listening to other people’s ideas, your thought process becomes narrow which impacts decision making and organisational success. On the Human Resources Management website, HRM Online, I share four warning signs that […]

YouInc: How to decode defensive behaviour

We all have defensive tendencies, but it doesn’t mean we’re defensive people. However, to make sure you’re not labeling someone as a defensive person you need to ask the right questions, and listen. I spoke with YouInc recently and introduced some guidelines you can try out with your team to ensure you are equiped to lean […]

Choinque: Podcast with Jim Emerick

I joined Jim Emerick on his podcast “Choinque” recently, where we argued that finding our purpose and happiness first leads to success, rather than the opposite. I also share my personal discovery that being known for getting things done, often by leaving my comfort zone, is far more important than being the best at just […]

MyDeal: Bad work habits you should drop right away

I spoke to the people at recently about bad work habits. Whether you’re working at a high flying startup or you’re stuck in a mundane office job, there are some unwritten rules that often get ignored. You can read about bad work habits that you should drop immediately in the full article, here.

Dynamic Business: Let’s talk … leadership

I was asked recently to contribute to an article for Dynamic Business about leadership. At the helm of every great company is a great leader. Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Richard Branson… Home-grown heroes like Melanie Perkins, Scott Farquhar and Mike Cannon-Brookes… All are wildly successful, their praises sung far and wide. However, each runs […]

CEO Magazine: Why influence is a competitive advantage

To retain a competitive advantage in today’s world, leaders can’t rely on traditional hierarchies to get things done. They need to be able to influence people to build up support. My article in CEO Magazine discusses how a leader’s career progress in today’s world is less about technical skills, and far more about the ability to […]

Gold Coast Magazine: Know your brand, amplify your career

When you hear the word ‘brand’ it’s common to immediately think about companies such as Apple, Nike, Google or Amazon. While companies have a brand, so too do individuals. Being conscious of your personal brand and image is important to ensure it enhances, not detracts, from your career. In Gold Coast Magazine, I share my […]

HR Magazine: Negotiating for success – the skills you need

People often think of negotiating as something they rarely do. In reality, you negotiate many times a day. The difference is the size of what’s at stake. In the Spring 2017 issue of HR Magazine I share the five core practices you need to implement in order to negotiate successfully. You can read the full […]

Australian Dental Association – In the right direction

I was honoured to be asked to contribute to the Australian Dental Association‘s focus on mentoring and its importance in the modern dental environment. This article focuses on mentoring as a professional strategy, explores why mentoring has become so significant, and the rules that need to be followed to make the process a win-win for […]

Accounting Technician: Five warning signs your leadership is failing

Good leadership requires self-reflection and a willingness to learn, while bad leadership usually involves one of five characteristics. Being a leader isn’t easy, the best leaders know this and understand there is always more to learn and better ways to do things. But there are warning signs that your leadership may be going off the […]

Daily Mail: Do you have a power-hungry boss?

Making work ‘work’ is a challenge we all face and one that’s much easier to handle if the organisation you’re employed by manages its leaders well. But if managers and bosses are left to free range, and their behaviour goes unchecked, myriad problems can occur. I reveal the red flags that signal power problems and […]

Inside Small Business: Beyond face value

In today’s fast paced environment, business leaders are often expected to have all the answers. However in a world of increasing complexity and ambiguity there are many unknowns, and it’s not possible for leaders to have all the answers all of the time. In the Inside Small Business magazine, I share my thoughts on the challenges that […]

Today Extra: Five warning signs you need to find a new job

I appeared on the Today Extra program with David & Sonia to talk about the current work climate and the five very important signs you need to be aware of that indicate it might be time to find a new job. In addition, I share my tips on how to successfully change careers. You can […]

HuffPost – The challenges of being the young boss

I was asked by the Huffington Post recently for my thoughts on the challenges of being a young boss. I believe that young leaders shouldn’t try to over-compensate or apologise for being the youngest in the team. They should be practicing leadership skills that are important to leaders of any age – get to know […]

ABC Radio Far North: Job satisfaction

I spoke with Amanda Cranston on ABC Radio Far North about the importance of job satisfaction and just how common job dis-satisfaction is in the workplace due to a constant sense of change in today’s work environment. Listen to the interview here.