Dynamic Business: Let’s talk … flexible work

Along with more than a dozen other business leaders, I contributed to an article about flexible work and what businesses must consider when implementing flexible work models to their organisation.  The article originally appeared on the Dynamic Business website, here. Since the inception of the World Wide Web in 1991, technology, business and daily life […]

LinkedIn: Presentation Skills – what the best presenters do!

Having the ability to effectively communicate and connect to one or many people at a time is an invaluable skill. For some people, it comes naturally and others not so, but everyone still needs to practice. I was delighted to contribute to this articleby Gabriella Horak of What’s Your Edge, about presentation tips from people […]

AFR BOSS: Advice for amping up

It was a privilege to coach Renate Vogt, General Manager of CitiPower and Powercor. Helping her navigate through her new role on an executive level has been a rewarding experience. This article originally appeared in The Australian Financial Review – read on to find out exactly how I helped Renate in stepping up… Michelle Gibbings was an executive in […]

The Australian: Diversity matters in decision making

This article titled “Diversity matters in decision making” originally appeared in The Australian. Developing the next generation of leaders is listed as the top issue for chief executives in global resources consultancy DDI’s CEO Challenges: Global Leadership Forecast 2018. Leaders increasingly are being asked to grapple with complex problems for which there is no one […]

Woman’s Day: 10 Ways to Reinvent Yourself

It’s no secret that how we work is changing – there is more flexibility and remote connectivity. Yet most of us are still unprepared for what it all means for us because we’re still encouraged to think of our careers as entering a workforce and exploring a few roles in search of something that keeps […]

TODAY: Supercharge your career

Workplaces are constantly changing and in order to stay in the game, it’s important to supercharge your knowledge. I spoke with Karl and Georgie on TODAY this week and shared some tips for getting that promotion or pay rise, and how in order to stay in the game, it’s important to get comfortable with career […]

Book Review: Blue Wolf Reviews

Delighted that my book “Career Leap: how to reinvent and liberate your career” has been reviewed – this review originally appeared on the Blue Wolf Reviews website. You can read it here. Career leap : how to reinvent and liberate your career REVIEW BY JANET MAWDESLEY APRIL 13, 2018, 9:30 AM Never a truer world […]

Money & Life: Want more out of life? Give more.

This article titled “Want more out of life? Give more…” originally appeared on the Money & Life website. Finding social opportunities and developing practices, such as compassion and gratitude, help you feel more connected with the people around you. Here are four ideas to help you put this into practice. In a celebrity obsessed and […]

B&T – How to reinvent and supercharge your career

The world is changing. How we work is changing. To stay in the game, not even ahead of the game, it’s important to get comfortable with career change and career reinvention. To help you become the leader of your career, I’ve put together five tips to get you started. This article originally appeared on the B&T […]

Daily Mail: Do you have a nightmare boss?

I recently shared some tips on what to do if you have a nightmare boss, you can read them in this articlethat originally appeared on The Daily Mailwebsite. Just like Miranda Priestley from The Devil Wears Prada, most people have dealt with a terrible boss before. But unlike Andy Sachs, who in the feature film […]

Ch7 Sunrise: One life, fifteen jobs

As Michelle’s new book “Career Leap” is launched, she was asked to appear on the Sunrise program on Channel 7 to talk about dealing with career changes, future proofing your career, and how to make a career leap. You can watch the interview here.

2UE Talking Lifestyle: Future proofing your career

The way we work is changing. Those entering the workforce today will have an estimated 17 employers and 5 careers in their lifetime. Roles are becoming automated across all professions and industries, and employees need to change their idea of what it means to be employed. The rise of freelancing and the gig economy means flexibility and […]

Executive PA: Create your Career Development Plan

Have you got that ‘new year new career’ itch but are yet to do something about it? If you don’t continuously refine and adapt your operating style, you’ll quickly become outdated and find that those top jobs pass you by. But equipping yourself with new skills requires a willingness to learn new things and develop […]

LBD Group: Why knowing your brand amplifies your career

While companies have a brand, so too do individuals. Being conscious of the brand and image you project is important to ensure it enhances, not detracts from your career. I share four key tips for knowing and nurturing your personal brand in order to amplify your career in this article which originally appeared on the […]

9Honey: How to handle rejection and turn it into something positive

We’ve all tasted rejection of one kind or another, but the nice thing about rejection is there will come a time when, in hindsight, you can see that it turned out to be a good thing. Hindsight allows you to realise that, in many cases, you weren’t rejected as ‘a person’, rather that particular role […]

9Honey: When to accept advice, and when to ignore it

I spoke to 9Honey recently about advice. Not all advice is well-meaning or best suited to the outcome you’d like to achieve. When given advice, you need to ask yourself if there’s any hidden agenda attached, and think about whether the person is qualified in the area they’re giving advice. You can read the full […]

Daily Mail: Do you want to quit your job? Five signs that it’s time to move into a new role

Every workplace comes with its share of stress, difficulties and frustration, but when does it get to the point you may need to leave? I spoke with the Daily Mail recently about how you can recognise the signs that it might be time to start looking for something new. You can read the full article […]

9Honey: How to take control of your overwhelming inbox

When it comes to email and what might seem like a frightening, overflowing inbox, you basically have two choices: ignore it, or get organised. I spoke with 9Honey about ways you can take control of your inbox and focus on what’s important. Read my tips here.

New Idea – Nail that job interview

I was asked recently by the people at New Idea for my tips on nailing a job interview. The judgements that interviewers make about you at first glance are likely to influence their thinking throughout the interview, so creating a great first impression is important! This is just one of my 4 tips to help […]