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Leader’s Digest: Where will you give the gift of time?

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Thanks to Leadership Institute of Sarawak Civil Service’s Leader’s Digest Issue 65, Michelle explains how it’s easy to waste our time and the time of others and tips on how to change that. We all know that time is finite, and once it passes by, you can’t get it back. During the COVID-19 enforced lockdowns, […]

IIDM: Why Friendships Are Important At Work

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Thanks to the International Institute of Directors and Managers (IIDM), Michelle shares her thoughts on why work friendships are important. Organisations often talk about culture but rarely consider the role that friendships play in creating a healthy, dynamic and productive work environment. Some leaders believe that if a work environment is too collegiate, people will […]

psnews.com.au: Catching and keeping your best ideas

So many of our great ideas are fleeting and forgotten in the midst of a busy life. Thanks to psnews.com.au, Michelle suggests ways they can be captured and stored for future use. Sometimes ideas come quickly, and other times they can seem harder to find. Sometimes it can feel like there are too many ideas, […]

Leaderonomics: Where Will You Give the Gift of Time?

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Stop wasting time on unrewarding activities to boost productivity. Michelle explains more in this article published for Leaderonomics. We all know that time is finite, and once it passes by, you can’t get it back. During the COVID-19 enforced lockdowns, we discovered the benefits of a slower pace, and yet a typical lament is that […]

Amber Daines: The Politics of Bad Bosses podcast

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Thanks to Amber Daines and her podcast “The Politics of Everything” Michelle and Amber discuss how you can you challenge your thinking and shift perspective to make relationships work. At one time or another we’ve all had a bad boss – whether it’s through bullying and intimidation, unfair feedback or unrealistic workloads. Their behaviour sets […]

CEO Magazine: Why gratitude at work matters

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Practising workplace gratitude is about equipping leaders and employees with the strategies and mechanisms to cope with challenges and change. Thanks to CEO Magazine for the opportunity for Michelle to share her thoughts. When organisations analyse their culture and determine their values, ‘gratitude’ isn’t a trait that is likely to appear, and yet it is […]

CEO Magazine: Why you shouldn’t confuse meetings with collaborations

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Meetings aren’t likely to go away, so rather than view them as a waste of time, spend time planning and strategising to realise their collaborative intent. Continue reading as Michelle explains more in this article from CEO Magazine.  Meetings, meetings and more meetings. The meeting culture in most organisations is still pervasive, and during the […]

The Latch: When Is the Right Time to Move on From a Role?

Thanks to The Latch and Sangeeta Kocharekar for sharing my ideas of when it’s the right time to leave your job. With job vacancies at an all-time high in Australia, and employers now said to be more inventive and open-minded to filling roles, due to the skills shortage, it’s a great time to be in […]

psnews.com.au: Words have power: Use them carefully

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Thanks to psnews.com.au, in this article Michelle discusses the more senior you are in an organisation, the more you have to watch that your often casual remarks do not have unintended consequences. When you’re a leader, a casual remark, an off-hand comment, or a request can have more impact than you think or perhaps even […]