Bad Boss Book Review

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Michelle’s new book Bad Boss has been reviewed by Rama Gaind of Read Rama’s review below. Gibbings is right when she claims Bad Boss is for anyone who is in — or who is keen to avoid — a negative workplace environment characterised by ineffective leadership. It’s sometimes difficult to realise, but bad bosses […]

Paving your own Practice podcast with Dr Amna: toxic work cultures

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In discussion with Dr Amna from Paving your own Practice, Michelle discusses toxic work cultures. The discussion also reflects on Michelle’s latest book Bad Boss: What to do if you work for one, manage one or are one. Listen to the podcast here.  

Booktopia Podcast: Plugged & Unplanned 29 – Michelle Gibbings

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Michelle caught up with Booktopia’s CEO Tony Nash to talk about Bad Bosses and how a negative workplace environment can arise from ineffective leadership. You can listen to the conversation here: The Booktopia Books Podcast · Plugged & Unplanned 29 – Michelle Gibbings

AICD: How have directors’ WHS obligations changed?

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Michelle was invited to contribute to this article, published in Company Director Magazine for the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Michelle mentions to not overlook workers’ psychological safety, read on. From keeping workers virus-free to managing remote working risks, there are new WHS considerations for boards to be aware of. Here’s what directors need to […]

Good Magazine NZ: 4 types of bosses and how to deal with them

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In Michelle’s working life, she has come across four types of bosses. Michelle writes about the four types in this article published in Good Magazine NZ. Before you rush to pass judgement and sentence on your boss, it pays to understand what drives them and their behaviour. Over my working life, I’ve come across four […]

CEOWorld Magazine: 10 Warning Signs You’re Managing A Bad Boss

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Michelle has ten signs to watch out for when managing a bad boss in this article for CEOWorld Magazine. Leaders are judged not just by the effectiveness of their leadership, but by the leadership that’s displayed by their direct reports. Effective leaders – who are leading other leaders – know they need to keep their […]

Human Resources Director: How to manage performance reviews remotely

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In this article published in Human Resources Director, Michelle provides her thoughts on performance reviews – their purpose and impact – and how they take on a new intensity during a time when many employees and leaders are working remotely. It’s essential to be sensitive to what is going on for employees at the moment. […]

Human Resources Director NZ: How to manage performance reviews remotely

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Published in Human Resources Director NZ, in this article, Michelle provides her thoughts on performance reviews – their purpose and impact – and how they take on a new intensity during a time when many employees and leaders are working remotely. It’s essential to be sensitive to what is going on for employees at the […]

Venture Magazine: Five warning signs your leadership is failing (and what to do about it)

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Michelle provides five warning signs that your leadership could be failing in this article published in Venture Magazine. It’s easy for leaders to have an overly confident opinion of their leadership effectiveness with research revealing a correlation between a person’s confidence and their level of power. A study by the University of Southern California and […]

CEOWorld Magazine: Why caring, compassion and commitment are vital qualities for leaders

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In this article published in CEOWorld Magazine, Michelle explains why caring, compassion and commitment are vital qualities for leaders. Leadership and decision making go hand in hand, and as technology changes how we live and work and the rate of change accelerates, the nature of those decisions and how to lead can appear more complex […]

Putting the ‘we’ before the ‘me’

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Would you rather work alone or as part of a team? It’s a question people are often asked in a job interview. The answer to that question can’t just be determined by whether a person is an introvert or an extrovert, and for many people the answer will vary. Some days they want to be […]

In The Black: Micromanagement: a bad habit you need to ditch now

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In this article first published in In The Black, Michelle contributes her ideas as to why you need to ditch the micromanagement habit. Micromanagement is a bad habit that can destroy creativity and innovation, yet many leaders who micromanage regard themselves as thorough and capable. What are the signs that you should look for if […]

HR Director: Six ways to be a more thoughtful leader

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In this article that appears in HR Director, Michelle discusses when you ask employees what they want from their leaders the answers are relatively consistent, and simple. Read on. Leadership and decision-making go hand in hand and as technology changes how we live and work, the nature of those decisions and how to lead can […]

Insurance Business NZ: How to build a more diverse team

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In this article for Insurance Business NZ, Michelle provides four tips on how to build a diverse team.  “The more alike people are, the more likely they are to think along the same lines; therefore, there is less room for debate, discernment and disagreement.” As organizations grapple with more complex decisions and an ever-increasing pace […]

GRC Professional: Why too much cohesion is bad for you – and the organisation

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In this article written for GRC Professional, Michelle explains that too much cohesion can be unhealthy. When team members are unwilling to challenge or disagree with each other, it’s a warning sign for leaders that something is wrong. There are many instances in which sections of corporate Australia haven’t lived up to community expectations. The […]

Facility Management: Strong leadership is influential leadership

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Managers wishing to build support for initiatives must have the ability to influence team members without relying on hierarchical power plays, writes Michelle in an article she wrote for Facility Management. Click here to read the article.

Are you all head and no heart?

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When I reflect on my corporate career there are a few leaders that stand out in helping to shape how I saw myself as a leader and my practice of being one. What I learned was that the best knew when to make ‘head’ based decisions, and when to think with their ‘heart’. It’s very easy […]

Have you stopped listening yet?

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As the world and organisations become more complex, the need for dialogue, understanding and the willingness to check your assumptions and listen to points of view you disagree with becomes even more important. A case in point. In November last year, there was controversy in the Australian Senate when a One Nation motion invoking the […]

Who is making up your mind for you?

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Consider this scenario… You’ve just been appointed to a new leadership position and you are excited about the opportunity, looking forward to meeting the new team and relishing the chance to demonstrate your value by making changes and getting progress underway. At this point, there’s one unexpected thing that can derail your progress, which may […]

Are you being too nice?

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When you think of someone who is nice what characteristics spring to mind? Perhaps it’s someone who is helpful, kind, generous and thoughtful. They are usually positive traits. However, as a leader if you are always seeking to be nice it can cause problems, particularly if the motivating drive behind your ‘niceness’ is a desire […]