Venture Magazine: How to create your leadership playbook

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In this article published in Venture Magazine, Michelle outlines three key steps to lead with integrity, authenticity and courage. There are hundreds of thousands of leadership books and a multitude of leadership frameworks, and yet effective leadership is still, at times, thin on the ground. The Gallup group found that 82% of employees see their […]

Make the last quarter matter

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There’s no doubt that 2020 has been a strange year, filled with many things none of us expected, and yet once again, time is flying by. It won’t be long before Christmas and the summer holidays are upon us. So as the final quarter of the year is underway, how do you make the most […]

Perspective-taking and curiosity – a winning combination

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You may have been told as a child that ‘curiosity killed the cat’ and that you need to ‘put yourself in someone else’s shoes’. While having a dead cat and wearing someone else’s shoes are not immediately appealing, on closer reflection, you will find the benefits. Ok so stick with me here, and apologies to […]

Inside HR: If you’re a bad leader, it’s up to you to fix it

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For Inside HR, in this article Michelle suggests that it is up to you, if you are a bad leader, to fix it.  The expectations on leaders and bosses these days is huge. They are expected to work long hours, be on call, sort out complex problems, juggle competing demands, all the while knowing there […]

Inside FMCG: Work from… How?

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In this article for Inside FMCG, Michelle provides tips and tricks on how to work from home and how you can manage your ‘pandemic workday’. The pandemic workday can feel like groundhog day, with increased workplace stress. never-ending zoom meetings and the blurring between home and work life, leading to mounting evidence that productivity and […]

Wealth Professional: How to build a more diverse team

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In this article featured in Wealth Professional, Michelle explains how to push past unconscious bias to create a diverse team that can truly tackle complex problems. AS ORGANIZATIONS grapple with more complex decisions and an ever­ increasing pace of change, building a work­force equipped with the skills and experience to thrive in such an environment […]

HR Director: How to thrive under pressure – and avoid burnout

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For HR Director, Michelle says a major factor that influences workplace productivity, culture, and organisational outcomes is the employee-manager dynamic. Continue reading the article here. The root cause of challenging workplace dynamics is usually not down to one person or incident, according to Michelle Gibbings, founder and managing director of Change Meridian. However, a major […]

Balance the Grind: A conversation with Michelle Gibbings

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In this article published for Balance the Grind, Michelle answers questions around work-life balance, remote working, routines and habits. 1) To kick things off, could you tell us a little about your career background and current role? I’ve had a varied career and consider myself incredibly blessed in terms of the scope of work, my […]

HR Director NZ: Want better output? Then focus on the safety of your team

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For HR Director New Zealand, Michelle provides four points in how to get better output from your team. Read the article here. Consider the impact that safety has on how your team connects, engages and works together. When leaders think about ways to motivate their team, safety isn’t something that would typically top the list […]

Money & Life: Burnout – spot the warning signs

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Published in Money & Life, in this article Michelle provides five easy tips to help team leaders create mentally healthier workplaces. 1. Find the right level Research reveals that a certain amount of pressure is good for us because it helps motivate us and keeps us focused. When we experience the right amount of challenge […]

CEOWorld Magazine: Do you know the line you won’t cross?

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For CEOWorld Magazine, Michelle wrote this article that contains advice around values and challenges that test our authenticity and integrity. In the workplace, you’ll see people who lose their voice and authenticity in an attempt to be liked by everyone or in their effort to build relationships and build a support base. They think achieving […]

Inside Small Business: A guide to managing performance reviews remotely

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Deciding how and when to conduct performance reviews when employees and leaders are working remotely can be challenging. Here are several factors to consider as outlined by Michelle in this article published in Inside Small Business. Debates about performance reviews take on new intensity during a time when many employees and leaders are working remotely. […]

CEOWorld Magazine: 6 ways to stay motivated when the working from home novelty wears off

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In this article, Michelle explains six ways to stay motivated while working from home where uncertainty and things vying for your attention cause distraction – you might find yourself at the end of your working day with little progress. Read on… Working from home can be brilliant, but when it’s unexpected, unplanned and protracted, keeping […]

Human Resources Director: How to manage performance reviews remotely

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In this article published in Human Resources Director, Michelle provides her thoughts on performance reviews – their purpose and impact – and how they take on a new intensity during a time when many employees and leaders are working remotely. It’s essential to be sensitive to what is going on for employees at the moment. […]

The Mercury: 7 ways to boost your career while working from home

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In this article published in The Mercury, Michelle suggests it’s a great time for a career stocktake. Read her comments below.  What a difference a pandemic makes. A few months ago, the only thing standing between you and your career goals was how hard you were willing to hustle. But as you adapt to indefinite […]

Human Resources Director NZ: How to manage performance reviews remotely

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Published in Human Resources Director NZ, in this article, Michelle provides her thoughts on performance reviews – their purpose and impact – and how they take on a new intensity during a time when many employees and leaders are working remotely. It’s essential to be sensitive to what is going on for employees at the […]

What’s for keeps?

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In recent times, many of us have had a forced shift to our routines.  While that has been disruptive, there’s also been positives. In my household, we are cooking more, Barney (the pooch) is getting longer walks, Craig and I are exercising more, and I am getting through more reading.  All positives.  Of course, it’s […]

Australian Financial Review: Is the work from home honeymoon over?

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Michelle contributes her thoughts about working remotely in this article published in the Australian Financial Review. Has working from home started to lose its shine? Between Zoom fatigue and being stuck at your computer all day with not enough breaks to working at your kitchen bench for weeks and juggling full-time work with home-schooling the […]