How good is your decision making in a crisis?

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Decisions are all around us. Some are big. Others are small. Some have minor consequences, and some – if wrong – have catastrophic outcomes. There’s no more stark reminder of this than watching and reading about bushfires and examining the decisions people make under extreme stress and during a crisis. ABC TV’s new drama – Fires – […]

Inside FMCG Magazine: Performance in a pandemic

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WFH and remote communication are just two of the factors impacting performance reviews in the time of Covid-19. Thanks to Inside FMCG Magazine for inviting Michelle to provide thoughts and ideas around performance during a pandemic. Debates about performance reviews – their purpose and impact – take on new intensity during a pandemic and when […]

Herald Sun: How to remain seen, land a promotion when not in the office

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Thanks to the Herald Sun and Cara Jenkin for inviting me to share my thoughts about how to land a promotion while working remotely.  THE ‘OUT OF SIGHT’ EFFECT Working from home may be more productive for many workers but it also has made it more difficult for them to be promoted. HubSpot’s 2020 Remote […]

Leaderonomics: How To Sustain Team Motivation In The Final Quarter?

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Finding it hard to motivate your team in the final quarter? Here are some tips Michelle has provided in this article published in Leaderonomics.  Team Motivation – Requires Deliberate, Focused and Frequent Steps. As we head into the last quarter of 2021, changing seasons, a year of uncertainty and COVID-19 fatigue, and you may be […]

Body & Soul: Your job getting you down? Here’s 5 ways to shake things up without quitting

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Bored? Stuck in a rut? Looking for what’s next? You don’t need to quit your job to find more joy at work. Thanks to (Body & Soul) for asking me to share some tips in this article. Workplace expert Michelle Gibbings knows that even work that is fun eventually becomes mundane. However, that doesn’t […]

Do you know your fault lines for trust?

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Do you sit in the camp where people need to earn your trust, or do you automatically trust people when you first meet them? Trust is fundamental for how we function in our personal and working lives and for effective communities and societies. If you can’t trust, it’s hard to make decisions. Trust is an […]

CEO Magazine: Workplace expert’s advice to eliminating the unproductive mid-year slump

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In this article on CEO Magazine, Michelle Gibbings explains the simplest ways to hack your deflated work ethic back into action. Getting up and going can be hard on those cold, dark wintry days, and your productivity can wane to the detriment of your employer, or worse, your own business. A range of studies has […]

Is it time to suck the marrow?

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Bored? In a rut? Hate your job? But you have a dilemma.You don’t want to leave where you work. It could be that you like the organisation’s culture or work colleagues or personal circumstances mean it’s not a good time to shift roles. What do you do when you don’t enjoy your work, but you […]

What’s your leadership gap?

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Leaders often have far more power and impact than they realise. A recent conversation was a stark reminder of this fact. A friend mentioned an interaction with their direct report and shared their surprise at the team member’s reluctance to challenge their thinking. Now you may be thinking, ‘Really? It was a surprise that they weren’t […]

Mortgage Professional Australia: Why a little bit of stress is good for you

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Michelle was delighted to share her thoughts about why a little bit of stress is good for you, in this article written by Kate McIntyre for Mortgage Professional Australia. Feeling stressed? If you are a mortgage broker, chances are the answer is a resounding “yes.” But according to workplace expert Michelle Gibbings, a little bit […]