Money & Life: Burnout – spot the warning signs

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Published in Money & Life, in this article Michelle provides five easy tips to help team leaders create mentally healthier workplaces. 1. Find the right level Research reveals that a certain amount of pressure is good for us because it helps motivate us and keeps us focused. When we experience the right amount of challenge […]

CEOWorld Magazine: Do you know the line you won’t cross?

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For CEOWorld Magazine, Michelle wrote this article that contains advice around values and challenges that test our authenticity and integrity. In the workplace, you’ll see people who lose their voice and authenticity in an attempt to be liked by everyone or in their effort to build relationships and build a support base. They think achieving […]

Inside Small Business: A guide to managing performance reviews remotely

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Deciding how and when to conduct performance reviews when employees and leaders are working remotely can be challenging. Here are several factors to consider as outlined by Michelle in this article published in Inside Small Business. Debates about performance reviews take on new intensity during a time when many employees and leaders are working remotely. […]

CEOWorld Magazine: 6 ways to stay motivated when the working from home novelty wears off

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In this article, Michelle explains six ways to stay motivated while working from home where uncertainty and things vying for your attention cause distraction – you might find yourself at the end of your working day with little progress. Read on… Working from home can be brilliant, but when it’s unexpected, unplanned and protracted, keeping […]

Human Resources Director: How to manage performance reviews remotely

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In this article published in Human Resources Director, Michelle provides her thoughts on performance reviews – their purpose and impact – and how they take on a new intensity during a time when many employees and leaders are working remotely. It’s essential to be sensitive to what is going on for employees at the moment. […]

What’s for keeps?

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In recent times, many of us have had a forced shift to our routines.  While that has been disruptive, there’s also been positives. In my household, we are cooking more, Barney (the pooch) is getting longer walks, Craig and I are exercising more, and I am getting through more reading.  All positives.  Of course, it’s […]

Australian Financial Review: Is the work from home honeymoon over?

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Michelle contributes her thoughts about working remotely in this article published in the Australian Financial Review. Has working from home started to lose its shine? Between Zoom fatigue and being stuck at your computer all day with not enough breaks to working at your kitchen bench for weeks and juggling full-time work with home-schooling the […]

Do you need to change your diet?

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Before you hit the delete button wondering why I am writing about food, stop! Don’t be confused. I’m not talking about what you eat. I’m talking about the type of information you consume, and ultimately what and how much you learn. As we all currently spend more time indoors, it’s the perfect time to focus […]

Business Leader’s breakthrough podcast: The Power of Teams to Create a High Performance Culture

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In this podcast episode, Ryan has the pleasure of interviewing Michelle Gibbings. She is the founder of consultancy Change Meridian and a best selling author of 2 personal career development books with a third coming out in May. Michelle and Ryan talk about the future of work and how leaders, teams and team members can […]

When is enough, enough?

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At the start of the year we are often asked about all the things we want to do during the year. We are encouraged to set our goals, objectives and areas of focus. Now I am certainly one to focus on goals and I love nothing better than a to do list, where I can […]

psnews: Make a list: Checking off your career milestones

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Checklists are normal parts of surgical procedures and airline maintenance, but Michelle Gibbings believes they are also crucial to career development. Michelle explains why in this article from psnews. If you’ve ever been to hospital and had surgery you’ll remember that as you get wheeled into the operating theatre there are a series of checks that […] Why fairness is a leadership trait that matters

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Michelle shares her thoughts in this article for as to why fairness is a leadership trait that matters.  When you are developing a leadership program to uplift the capability of leaders one of the behavioural traits that isn’t likely to make the framework is fairness. This isn’t surprising because fairness isn’t usually listed as […]

Is your pre-Christmas holiday deadline real?

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            It’s a couple of weeks until Christmas and no doubt you have a long (and perhaps growing) list of things to do, tasks to complete and projects to wrap up before the end of the year. Are you feeling relaxed and happy, or stressed out wondering how you’ll get […]

Q Super: Setting career goals

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Read Michelle’s eight pivotal steps for planning your career and your next career move. This article features on the Q Super website. “Making a list of your skills and talents can help you see a way forward.” Setting career goals is just as important as setting financial goals, such as saving or growing your superannuation. […]

Is winning the only goal?

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Like many Australians, last weekend I sat down to watch the AFL Grand Final, and as with any final there can only be one winner. Naturally, that’s the objective of both sides – to win. But as I was watching the very one-sided game, it got me thinking – Are there times when there are […]

Are you testing to destruction?

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In manufacturing and industries that develop products, which if faulty could cause serious harm, they undertake a range of testing. One such test – known as a test to destruction – is designed to understand how much stress the product (be it components of a car, piece of machinery, airplane and the like) can tolerate. […]

Do you know the line you won’t cross?

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We all have values that underpin how we think and what we will and won’t do. These values can often be challenged in the workplace. A number of years ago I was working with a client who faced constant pressure at work. The leadership team they were a part of had a toxic culture, and […]

Are you all head and no heart?

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When I reflect on my corporate career there are a few leaders that stand out in helping to shape how I saw myself as a leader and my practice of being one. What I learned was that the best knew when to make ‘head’ based decisions, and when to think with their ‘heart’. It’s very easy […]

Three steps to get back in the game

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With retirement ages rising and longer life spans you are likely to move in and out of the workforce more frequently and to find yourself at some stage in your career needing to get back into the game. It could be because of time taken out of the workforce for child rearing, illness, lifestyle reasons, […]

Are you the worst boss you’ve ever worked for?

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There’s a saying that ‘People don’t leave their job, they leave their boss’. Regardless of where you sit in the organisational hierarchy, your relationship with your boss impacts you – be it productivity or satisfaction levels, or well-being. A UK study found that forty percent of survey participants didn’t think their boss was good at their job, […]