She Defined: 7 Ways To Better Disconnect From Work

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Thanks to She Defined, here are Michelle’s seven suggestions on how to disconnect from work. While you now have a legal right to disconnect from work, you may still find it challenging to switch off when your working day ends. Do you find yourself constantly thinking about work, checking emails, and responding to emails and […]

Is the end of year rush getting to you?

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Is your diary jam-packed? Are you looking ahead and seeing limited or no more gaps in your working day? Are your weekends loaded with social engagements? Are you feeling the pressure to get things tied off before the end of the year? If so, you’re in that inevitable pre-Christmas and pre-summer holiday rush. It happens […]

Is technology controlling you, or are you controlling it?

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Over the summer, I had the joy of spending six days in nature. There was no technology. I didn’t listen to music or podcasts while walking. Instead, I focused on putting one foot in front of the other and regularly stopping to immerse myself in the awe of the surrounding environment. If you’ve ever spent […]

Leaderonomics: How Good is Your Decision Making in A Crisis?

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Thanks to Leaderonomics, in this article Michelle discusses when a crisis hits, can you trust yourself? Decisions are all around us. Some are big. Others are small. Some have minor consequences, and some – if wrong – have catastrophic outcomes. There’s no more stark reminder of this than watching and reading about bushfires and examining […]