Is technology controlling you, or are you controlling it?

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Over the summer, I had the joy of spending six days in nature. There was no technology. I didn’t listen to music or podcasts while walking. Instead, I focused on putting one foot in front of the other and regularly stopping to immerse myself in the awe of the surrounding environment. If you’ve ever spent […]

Leaderonomics: How Good is Your Decision Making in A Crisis?

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Thanks to Leaderonomics, in this article Michelle discusses when a crisis hits, can you trust yourself? Decisions are all around us. Some are big. Others are small. Some have minor consequences, and some – if wrong – have catastrophic outcomes. There’s no more stark reminder of this than watching and reading about bushfires and examining […]

Inside Retail: How to create a psychologically-safe workplace

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Workplaces have been impacted during the pandemic which has negatively affected the health and wellbeing of staff. Thanks to Inside Retail as Michelle outlines how to create a workplace that is psychologically safe. The heightened uncertainty and rapid change of the past 18 months has impacted workplaces, negatively impacting staff health and wellbeing. International studies reveal […]

Five tips for switching off from work

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These days switching off from work isn’t as simple as packing up and heading home. There are often expectations that you are constantly on and ready to answer phone calls and respond to emails and SMS at all hours. This challenge is exacerbated with many of us now working from home due to the pandemic. […]

Bite Magazine: Surface Tension

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Thank you to Bite Magazine for inviting Michelle to share her thoughts about workplace tension and how, as a leader, you can disolve team conflict and create a more positive workplace.  Amanda and Lisa were receptionists in a busy Brisbane dental practice, each with very different working styles. Amanda liked to chat on with patients, […]

CEO World Magazine: 5 things leaders can do to create a stressless workplace

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Michelle Gibbings wrote this article for CEO World Magazine, about reducing stress in the workplace.  Chronic work-related stress is linked to health issues such as depression and coronary heart disease and directly impacts workplace productivity, retention, job satisfaction, and personal and professional relationships. A certain amount of pressure is good for you. When you experience the […]