Herald Sun: When to pick a side

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Thanks to Lauren Ahwan and the Herald Sun for the opportunity for Michelle to share her thoughts on taking on a second job and the points to consider before doing so.  Bosses are cracking down on questionable side hustles as more Aussies look to additional income streams to help make ends meet. Continue reading.

AFR: How Friday afternoon email etiquette cuts weekend workloads

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Thank you Tess Bennett, The Australian Financial Review’s technology reporter for the opportunity for Michelle to discuss how Friday afternoon email etiquette cuts weekend workloads. When Tara Horner joined Griffith University in 2021 as an alumni engagement manager, her supervisor gave her the rundown on how the team communicated with each other, including one uncommon […]

Where do you source your best ideas?

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Sometimes ideas come quickly, and other times they can seem harder to find. Sometimes it can feel like there are too many ideas, and other times, not enough. At other times, ideas can feel like they have escaped you. In her book, Big Magic, writer, Elizabeth Gilbert, characterises ideas as having ‘consciousness’ and ‘will’. To her, […]

Q Magazine: 6 ways to reinvent your career in 2022

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Thanks to Q Magazine, Michelle offers advice on ways to reinvent your career in 2022. The employment market has turned a positive corner, and COVID induced uncertainty is receeding, making it an excellent time to take stock of your career and challenge yourself about what comes next. Continue reading.  

9Honey: Seven ways to turn your hobbies into a cash machine

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Thank you to 9Honey for inviting Michelle to share her tips and ideas on how to make money from your hobbies.  You will have seen stories of people who experimented with their hobby as a ‘side gig’, ‘side hustle‘ or ‘moonlighting’ before taking it full-time and landing a thriving business. It can sound enticing and rewarding. […]

Foundr: 5 ways to supercharge your creativity

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In this article for Foundr, I outline five innovative ways you can get creative and supercharge career. When you think about creativity and innovation, what comes to mind? The iPhone? Driverless cars? Art and sculpture? Or things that were once considered innovative, such as the humble toaster? Creativity and innovation are all around us. It […]