Are you captured by your culture?

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We all know the environment in which we live and work can impact our behaviour, but have you ever wondered how quickly such impacts can take effect? Culture influences incredibly quickly. When you enter a new work environment, you quickly learn the accepted way to behave. Behaviour that is off-culture can be shunned and ridiculed. […]

Business Franchise Australia and New Zealand: Want Better Output? Then Focus on the Safety of Your Team

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In this article featured in Business Franchise Australia and New Zealand, I highlight how you can achieve better output from your team. When leaders think about ways to motivate their team, safety isn’t something that would typically top the list of considerations, and yet it plays a crucial role. People want to work in an […]

TODAY Show: Back to the office

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In this segment from the TODAY Show, Michelle was invited to comment on how to stay safe at work during the COVID-19 pandemic. Watch Michelle here. Michelle says, “Your employer has a duty of care to provide a safe work environment. They’re not going to want you to come to work and get sick. “There’s […] Four Warning Signs You are Drunk on Power

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In this article published in, Michelle identifies four warnings signs that you may be drunk on power. The negative impacts that can arise when a person experiences power have long been documented, with examples across multiple industries, the Harvey Weinstein scandal being the latest. Dacher Keltner, from Berkley University, found through his research that […]