The New Daily: Bleisure travel works wonders as a perk

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Thanks to Kate Jones, Senior Reporter and The New Daily for inviting Michelle to provide her comments about bleisure. Blurring of work-life boundaries has its downsides, but bleisure is definitely not one of them. Blending business and leisure is a work perk more people are taking advantage of when they travel on the company purse. […]

Nine tips for setting boundaries and sticking to them

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Boundaries…you know what they are and likely recognise how important they are too. Are you good at setting boundaries and sticking to your commitments, or do you (like me) sometimes fudge around the edges? There are many reasons why setting boundaries between your work and home life is challenging. A few examples are a fear […]

How politically astute are you?

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Many years ago, I worked with a person who said, ‘Michelle, you can get to a certain level in your career by being good at what you do. But if you want to go any further, you need to know how to play the political game.’ Their comment always troubled me as it implies you […]

What part are you playing?

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You don’t have to look too far to find stories about how an organisation’s poor culture has been the root cause of their malaise, poor performance, regulatory breaches or lousy customer service. We all know that organisational culture matters. No doubt you’ll have heard culture referred to as ‘the way things are done around here’. It includes […]

Are you a change ready leader?

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If you’ve worked in any organisation for a while, you’ll likely have experienced some form of organisational change. Sadly, it’s also likely that your experience of the change may have been sub-par. The history of organisational change is littered with examples of projects and initiatives that didn’t go to plan. Never finished. Descoped. Poorly implemented […]

What debate will you start today?

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Debating was part of my childhood and school years. At family dinners, we debated all the time: ideas, concepts, politics and opinions. It was a natural segue to join the debating squad at high school. I loved the energy, conversations and learning. Debating as a concept harks back to ancient times. It’s designed to encourage participants […]

HR Leader: Emerging tech trends to stay ahead of the competition

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In this article for HR Leader, Michelle discusses tech trends that are transforming the workforce. Investing in the right tech can help businesses to stay ahead of the competition by streamlining processes and boosting engagement and productivity. Those who aren’t keeping up with tech trends run the risk of falling behind, said workplace expert Michelle […]