Get Invested podcast: Michelle Gibbings on the impacts of a bad boss

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Thanks to Bushy Martin and the Get Invested podcast, Michelle discusses the impacts of a bad boss.  We spend most of waking life at work, so a thriving workplace often leads to happy lives. Workplace expert Michelle Gibbings talks about what it takes to create such an environment. And it starts at the top. The […]

Amber Daines: The Politics of Bad Bosses podcast

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Thanks to Amber Daines and her podcast “The Politics of Everything” Michelle and Amber discuss how you can you challenge your thinking and shift perspective to make relationships work. At one time or another we’ve all had a bad boss – whether it’s through bullying and intimidation, unfair feedback or unrealistic workloads. Their behaviour sets […]

HRD: Are you a ‘bad boss’? Here’s a simple way to tell

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Thanks to Lois White and Human Resources Director, Michelle answers questions about how to tell if you are a bad boss.  For HR, being compassionate is part and parcel of the job. But what if you’re ‘bad’ at being ‘good’? It is almost impossible to objectively assess yourself. There are so many nuances in your […]

CEO Magazine: Serious warning signs there’s bad leadership in your team

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As the leader, your behaviour sets the standard, including the behaviour you accept from the leaders that report to you. Thanks to CEO Magazine for the opportunity to provide my 10 ten warning signs of what to look out for. If you were to guess how many books have been published on leadership, what would […]

My Millennial Career Podcast: Good Boss, Bad Boss

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Michelle joined Shell Johnson and Emily Bowen on My Millennial Career Podcast to discuss the bad bosses, listen here. We have all either worked for a bad boss, managed a bad boss or been a bad boss ourselves, yikes! Michelle Gibbings knows so much about the experiences of bad bosses so who better to join […]