CEO Magazine: The Ethical Challenges of Leading in the Age of AI

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Thanks to CEO Magazine, in this article Michelle contributes her thoughts about how leaders can navigate the ethical challenges of AI with integrity while driving innovation and ensuring a future where technology serves humanity rather than harms it. Depending on which side of the AI divide you sit on, AI will either ruin workplaces and […]

Why the question is one of your most powerful tools

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According to reports we are now living in a post-fact world.  A world where experts are devalued and comments and opinions can be positioned without question, even if they have no substance or evidence to back them up. This is most commonly playing out in the political arena where politicians make sweeping generalisations, bend the […]

Do you know what you stand for?

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It was the brilliant Oscar Wilde who said: “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” And yet in many quarters of society we see people who lose their voice and authenticity in an attempt to be liked by everyone or to appease both sides of an ideological divide. The same thing happens to people working […]