Yahoo Finance: The worst things to do when asking for a promotion

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In this article featured in Yahoo Finance, Michelle says there are some steps you can take to make the path to a promotion easier – and others that will almost ensure you don’t get it. Here’s what not to do. Ask too early  It seems obvious, but asking too early can really damage your chances. Speaking to Yahoo […]

Chief of Staff Magazine: Four ways to deal with a horrible boss

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In this article for Chief of Staff magazine, Michelle provides four ways of dealing with a horrible boss. Not everyone is lucky enough to work with a superstar CEO. When your boss is being difficult, there are a number of strategies you can employ, says Michelle Gibbings. From Gordon Gecko in Wall Street to Miranda […]

Is your negotiation style helping or hindering?

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            Negotiating is a part of life. Some people love it, while others tolerate it or loathe it. Over the years I’ve found most people operate with one of four key styles: avoider, impulsive, peace-maker or fighter: Avoider – this is the person who avoids or delays negotiating to their detriment […]

Yahoo Finance: How to win an argument with your boss

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Read Michelle’s suggestions in this Yahoo Finance article she wrote recently about how to win an argument with your boss. Some people love their boss, others hate them. But most will find their relationship lies somewhere in between, dotted by moments of both camaraderie and sheer irritation. And while few will find themselves in an […]

What’s the intent of your question?

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As a child growing up I was one of those very annoying kids who asked questions all the time. The question often started with why. ‘Why this?’, ‘Why now?’, ‘Why do I need to..?”, and the list could go on. In some cases, the question was based on natural curiosity. At other times, the question […]

What feeling impacts how you negotiate?

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The outcomes of negotiations are heavily influenced by power – how it is used and how it is felt. It’s easy to see how a person having more power in a relationship can lead to a sub-optimal negotiation outcome for the other party. The person with more power may have more bargaining chips, positional authority […]

Have you got a feast or famine mindset at work?

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In a highly competitive work environment, people often act as though there’s not enough Resources, Rewards or Recognition to go around. Operating with a famine mindset, people jealously guard their access to the three Rs because they see them as crucial to career success. The more resources you have the easier it is to get […]