Five Strategies to Up Your Game This Year

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Welcome to the first Weekly Insights for 2024. I hope your year is filled with learning, adventure, friendship and kindness. Growing up, I loved school, and I loved the back-to-school preparation even more. In the lead-up to the new school year, Mum would take me shopping to buy textbooks, which I had to wrap in brown […]

Kochie’s Business Builders: 6 questions to ask before you turn your side hustle into a full-time business

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In this article for Kochie’s Business Builders, Michelle shares the six questions you should consider before turning that side hustle into a full-time business. Stories of people taking their ‘side hustle’ and turning it into a multi-million dollar business make being an entrepreneur and business owner sound enticing and rewarding. But success doesn’t always happen […]

Better Homes & Gardens: Pitching for a pay rise

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Better Homes & Gardens invited Michelle for her comments about pitching for a pay rise. Michelle says to time it right.  Ideally, you want to negotiate before budgets are locked in, and when your boss is more likely to be receptive to the conversation. Read on.  

Chief of Staff: How to get back on track

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In the past, taking time out from your career was seen as a derailer but now – with some planning and focus – it can be real asset. Michelle explains more in this article for Chief of Staff.  There are many reasons people take a career break, whether it be raising a child, caring for […] Lessons on change from the cane toad

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In this article for, Michelle says in the current workplace environment, change is inevitable and, indeed desirable — but be alert for the unintended consequences. It seemed like a good idea at the time. You’ve got a problem and identified a solution. Tested the solution, and now you’ve rolled it out. The team and you […]

Be ready for it to go off the rails

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Have you ever had a time when you planned a project, initiative or piece of work, and it didn’t go to plan? It might have been that it took longer than anticipated, required more resources, was more costly, the benefits weren’t realised, or you discovered it didn’t come to fruition as expected. The list of […]