9Honey: Seven ways to turn your hobbies into a cash machine

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Thank you to 9Honey for inviting Michelle to share her tips and ideas on how to make money from your hobbies.  You will have seen stories of people who experimented with their hobby as a ‘side gig’, ‘side hustle‘ or ‘moonlighting’ before taking it full-time and landing a thriving business. It can sound enticing and rewarding. […]

CEO Magazine: Simple strategies to reboot and refocus your team for a new year of success

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A new year with the pandemic still floating around can wreak havoc on team morale and ultimately a business’s success. Thanks to CEO Magazine, Michelle explains the simpliest ways to get around this.  As leaders and their teams roll into another year of the pandemic, there’s fatigue and frustration mixed with uncertainty about what the […]

Do you know what pigeonhole you are in?

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Recently, I was helping a friend who was recruiting new people into their team. As we were sifting through the applications, we saw people we had worked with in previous roles. There was an immediate reaction – either positive or negative – to the person. The immediacy of the reaction was there despite it being […]