Is your quest for certainty hindering your career?

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There’s an old saying that the only thing certain in life is death and taxes. It’s a fairly bleak view of the world. Yet it is true there is much in life that’s uncertain. For many of us, uncertainty isn’t seen as a good thing. While we recognise how we live and work is changing, […]

Body & Soul: 5 interview red flags you shouldn’t ignore

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In this article for Body & Soul, Michelle was asked to contribute her thoughts about what to look out for during an interview. Michelle explains what to pay extra attention to. Don’t ignore the warnings only to kick yourself when you’re unhappily employed – we asked the experts how to spot a dud job in […]

Insurance Business NZ: Don’t let social media derail your career

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In this article Michelle contributed to Insurance Business NZ, Michelle explains how a poorly managed social media profile can derail your career. The dumping of five candidates from Australia’s 2019 federal election for offensive social media posts served as a reminder of the damage that a poorly managed social media profile can do to a […]

Business Woman Media: How to futureproof your career and stop robots taking your job

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Here are three tips from Michelle, featured in this article from Business Woman Media, about how to future proof your career. I recently had someone ask me how to help them future proof their job.  Interesting question.   The term ‘future proof’ is often used in the technology and medical sectors, where it’s desirable to build […]

Yahoo Finance: The worst things to do when asking for a promotion

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In this article featured in Yahoo Finance, Michelle says there are some steps you can take to make the path to a promotion easier – and others that will almost ensure you don’t get it. Here’s what not to do. Ask too early  It seems obvious, but asking too early can really damage your chances. Speaking to Yahoo […]

Q Super: Setting career goals

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Read Michelle’s eight pivotal steps for planning your career and your next career move. This article features on the Q Super website. “Making a list of your skills and talents can help you see a way forward.” Setting career goals is just as important as setting financial goals, such as saving or growing your superannuation. […]

Are you forgetting something?

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If you’ve ever been to hospital and had surgery you’ll remember that as you get wheeled into the operating theatre there are a series of checks that occur. The orderly or nurse will ask your name, what procedure you are having, and whether you are allergic to anything. Once you are under, they’ll use checklists […]

Is winning the only goal?

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Like many Australians, last weekend I sat down to watch the AFL Grand Final, and as with any final there can only be one winner. Naturally, that’s the objective of both sides – to win. But as I was watching the very one-sided game, it got me thinking – Are there times when there are […]

Are you trying to go it alone?

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Johann Hari’s wonderful book – Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression and the Unexpected Solutions, is a stark reminder of the fact that as humans we crave connection. Without connection we feel lost, isolated and that impacts our mental health and well-being. In the book he recounts studies in the US which asks the […]

Are you testing to destruction?

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In manufacturing and industries that develop products, which if faulty could cause serious harm, they undertake a range of testing. One such test – known as a test to destruction – is designed to understand how much stress the product (be it components of a car, piece of machinery, airplane and the like) can tolerate. […]

Are you all head and no heart?

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When I reflect on my corporate career there are a few leaders that stand out in helping to shape how I saw myself as a leader and my practice of being one. What I learned was that the best knew when to make ‘head’ based decisions, and when to think with their ‘heart’. It’s very easy […]

How to not let remote working kill your team’s culture

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Working from your home office, the local café, or wherever you choose. There’s no doubt that flexible working is a big plus. With the average Australian commuting more than an hour a day to get to work, cutting the need to travel to work can shave hours off your working day. Not to mention the […]

Three steps to get back in the game

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With retirement ages rising and longer life spans you are likely to move in and out of the workforce more frequently and to find yourself at some stage in your career needing to get back into the game. It could be because of time taken out of the workforce for child rearing, illness, lifestyle reasons, […]

What’s your risk appetite for career change?

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Did you know that those entering the workforce now are likely to have at least 17 different employers, and five different careers during their lifetime? Wow. Sounds exhausting. Career change is inevitable for all of us. But when you’re tired and over your current career, it can seem too hard to change careers. You absolutely […]

Are you a taker, faker or maker?

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Throughout your career you will come across people who are easy to work and those less so. Those who will enable your progress, and those who will hinder it. People who will inspire you, and those who will drag you down. It is often when you experience unexpected career changes or challenges at work that […]

How to survive a horrible boss

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Hollywood has made an industry creating movies and TV shows that portray a horrible boss. Think Miranda Priestly, Gordon Gekko, Katharine Parker and Montgomery Burns to name a few. Whilst the reality may not be as extreme as what’s portrayed on the silver screen, sadly many people find themselves working for people they don’t like […]

Six ways to find more joy at work

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The alarm goes off or your iphone pings to signal the start of the working day. Do you jump out of bed excited or roll over and wish you didn’t have to go to work? For many people it’s the latter. It’s unrealistic to believe it’s possible to love every minute of your working day. […]

Are you the worst boss you’ve ever worked for?

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There’s a saying that ‘People don’t leave their job, they leave their boss’. Regardless of where you sit in the organisational hierarchy, your relationship with your boss impacts you – be it productivity or satisfaction levels, or well-being. A UK study found that forty percent of survey participants didn’t think their boss was good at their job, […]

Are you searching for too much similarity?

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It’s natural to want to work with people you like and find easy to work with, and consequently when you are building a team or forming work groups you often seek out such people. This is either done consciously or subconsciously. In the case of recruitment, for example, search criteria often specifically reference the desire […]

Why you don’t need to change to thrive

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There’s lots of reports about the future of work, and the Australian Senate recently added its voice to the debate releasing the findings and recommendations from the Senate Select Committee on the Future of Work and Workers. It was tasked with investigating the impact of technological and other change on work and workers in Australia. […]