Yahoo finance: 5 ways to build up your resume without a job

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First published in Yahoo finance, in this article Michelle provides five ways to get you back to work. When a person unexpectedly finds themselves out of work, one of the first things they will do as they seek to find a new job is to update their resume or LinkedIn profile. Both tools play a […]

News Ltd: How side-hustlers are making the most of online businesses ideas during COVID-19 lockdown

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In this article for News Ltd, Michelle was invited to offer her thoughts about how side hustles can turn a profit for you during the COVID-19 lockdown. Michelle Gibbings said most side hustles had an online element and entrepreneurs should ensure what they offered was in demand as “there may not be a market there”. […]

What feeling impacts how you negotiate?

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The outcomes of negotiations are heavily influenced by power – how it is used and how it is felt. It’s easy to see how a person having more power in a relationship can lead to a sub-optimal negotiation outcome for the other party. The person with more power may have more bargaining chips, positional authority […]

Women’s Agenda: Ten ways to build your influence at work

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“If you want to get traction at work and progress, you need to be able to influence.“ Women’s Agenda shared my article on tips to start building your influence at work. You can read them by clicking here. — People often equate the desire to influence with being Machiavellian. It’s not. It’s good business practice; providing it’s […]

SmartCompany: Nearly 90% of women feel under-represented at work

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I was recently interviewed by Dinushi Dias from SmartCompany who was looking into a report by one of the world’s leading recruitment consultancies that found nearly 90% of women feel underrepresented at work. I was able to share insights from my experience and thoughts on how to shape diversity in the workplace. To see the original article […]