Are you trying to go it alone?

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Johann Hari’s wonderful book – Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression and the Unexpected Solutions, is a stark reminder of the fact that as humans we crave connection. Without connection we feel lost, isolated and that impacts our mental health and well-being. In the book he recounts studies in the US which asks the […]

HR Daily: How HR pros can build their influence

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HR Daily released an article I wrote in which I share tips and hints on how to build a better network. You can read the full article here. — HR professionals should take a deliberate and structured approach to network building to increase their workplace influence, an organisational change expert says. People often think the […]

LG Professionals Australia: How to increase your influence at work

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If you want to step up and grow your career, learning the art and science of influence is essential. Local Government Professionals Australia published an article I wrote that outlines three steps to increase your influence at work. To read the original article, click here. — In today’s increasingly complex environment it is becoming harder […]