Sky News: 'Networking' the key to landing a job and finding successful employment - Michelle Gibbings

Sky News invited Michelle on the program to share ideas about jobs, networking and finding the next step in your career.

Watch the clip to learn more.

Sky News

Your “network” is the key to landing your next job and sometimes taking that next job will “set you up” for a bigger and better role, according to Change Meridian Workplace expert Michelle Gibbings.

“I also think a really key part of this is talk to lots of people,” she told Sky News

“Look at your network because what your network can do is they can help expand your field of understanding what’s possible and they can introduce you to people.

“All the research shows that most people get their jobs through their network.

“Don’t close yourself off because often it’s a stepping stone … sometimes your next job is going to set you up for the bigger role, the better role that comes next.

“So the more that you’re in the workforce, the more you’re gaining new skills, all of that helps you set up for what comes next”.

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