Who is in your corner?

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With your role come stakeholders. Some might be easy to work with, others not so much. What’s common is they can make the progress you seek to make at work easier or harder. This is why it is crucial to know who’s in your corner, particularly if you are trying to change a system, process […]

What words are changing for you?

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Earlier this week, the Macquarie Dictionary announced their word of the year, with the winning word being the one that’s most effectively captured the ethos, mood and focus of 2020. This year, it was doomscrolling. If are you wondering what that means, you aren’t alone. It’s a noun, and defined as the “practice of continuing to […]

Are you trying to go it alone?

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Johann Hari’s wonderful book – Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression and the Unexpected Solutions, is a stark reminder of the fact that as humans we crave connection. Without connection we feel lost, isolated and that impacts our mental health and well-being. In the book he recounts studies in the US which asks the […]

HR Daily: How HR pros can build their influence

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HR Daily released an article I wrote in which I share tips and hints on how to build a better network. You can read the full article here. — HR professionals should take a deliberate and structured approach to network building to increase their workplace influence, an organisational change expert says. People often think the […]