Are you testing to destruction?

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In manufacturing and industries that develop products, which if faulty could cause serious harm, they undertake a range of testing. One such test – known as a test to destruction – is designed to understand how much stress the product (be it components of a car, piece of machinery, airplane and the like) can tolerate. […]

Do you know the line you won’t cross?

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We all have values that underpin how we think and what we will and won’t do. These values can often be challenged in the workplace. A number of years ago I was working with a client who faced constant pressure at work. The leadership team they were a part of had a toxic culture, and […]

HR Daily: How HR pros can build their influence

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HR Daily released an article I wrote in which I share tips and hints on how to build a better network. You can read the full article here. — HR professionals should take a deliberate and structured approach to network building to increase their workplace influence, an organisational change expert says. People often think the […]