Sydney Morning Herald: Why you should search for a career that taps into your passion

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In this article for The Sydney Morning Herald, Michelle explains why your career should tap into your passion. Finding a job you’re passionate about might sound like a cliché, but it could turn out to be a savvy career move, with a survey* by employment marketplace SEEK revealing that a candidate’s enthusiasm may be more […]

The House of Wellness: How to make your side hustle a success

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In this interview for The House of Wellness, Michelle explains how a growing number of Australians are turning their side hustle into a second income stream. A growing number of Australians are starting side hustles, turning a hobby or a secret talent into a second income stream. According to AMP Foundation research, around two thirds […]

HR Director: How to thrive under pressure – and avoid burnout

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For HR Director, Michelle says a major factor that influences workplace productivity, culture, and organisational outcomes is the employee-manager dynamic. Continue reading the article here. The root cause of challenging workplace dynamics is usually not down to one person or incident, according to Michelle Gibbings, founder and managing director of Change Meridian. However, a major […]

Money & Life: Burnout – spot the warning signs

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Published in Money & Life, in this article Michelle provides five easy tips to help team leaders create mentally healthier workplaces. 1. Find the right level Research reveals that a certain amount of pressure is good for us because it helps motivate us and keeps us focused. When we experience the right amount of challenge […]

What are you not seeing?

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Over the weekend, Craig, Barney and I went for our usual walk, but this time instead of turning right, we turned left. That simple change in our routine sparked surprising results. We found a whole new area to explore (see picture below) – never realising that this gorgeous part of the world was right in our […]

Five ways to stay productive when winter hits

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In the southern states, you can undoubtedly feel the early onset of winter. The mornings are darker, and there’s been fog, rain and chilly days. The days feel shorter, and it may be harder to get going in the morning. A range of studies have found that the weather impacts how we feel, think and […]

Mindfood: How to Stocktake Your Career and Life

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Here, in this article are Michelle’s top four tips to help you find success and happiness in your career with this career and lifestyle stocktake, as published in Mindfood. Find success and happiness with these four tips on how to conduct a career and life stocktake. Your career is just one part – albeit an […]

CEOWorld Magazine: 6 ways to stay motivated when the working from home novelty wears off

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In this article, Michelle explains six ways to stay motivated while working from home where uncertainty and things vying for your attention cause distraction – you might find yourself at the end of your working day with little progress. Read on… Working from home can be brilliant, but when it’s unexpected, unplanned and protracted, keeping […]

Spirit FM: Tips and insights into managing your career during a Pandemic

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In this radio interview for Spirit FM on the Saturday show, Michelle speaks with Ashley Dillon about how to ‘pivot’ yourself and make a career change during a pandemic, upskilling, how to futureproof your career and how to use isolation as a time to reinvent your career.

Australian Financial Review: Is the work from home honeymoon over?

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Michelle contributes her thoughts about working remotely in this article published in the Australian Financial Review. Has working from home started to lose its shine? Between Zoom fatigue and being stuck at your computer all day with not enough breaks to working at your kitchen bench for weeks and juggling full-time work with home-schooling the […]

How to create your learning environment

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The world is always full of surprises – some we want, and some we don’t. No matter how we categorise the change, what can help us navigate our way through are our skills and competencies. These skills and competencies evolve and develop as your career progresses, and what’s needed shifts as the external environment changes. […]

Can loyalty go too far?

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As the latest edition of the TV show Survivor unfolds you can once again watch the cast members build alliances, ditch alliances and generally scheme and plot their way to the top of the totem pole. Loyalty between the players lasts for a while, but at some stage they know that to win the game they’ll need […]

Is your pre-Christmas holiday deadline real?

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            It’s a couple of weeks until Christmas and no doubt you have a long (and perhaps growing) list of things to do, tasks to complete and projects to wrap up before the end of the year. Are you feeling relaxed and happy, or stressed out wondering how you’ll get […]

Are you testing to destruction?

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In manufacturing and industries that develop products, which if faulty could cause serious harm, they undertake a range of testing. One such test – known as a test to destruction – is designed to understand how much stress the product (be it components of a car, piece of machinery, airplane and the like) can tolerate. […]

Six ways to find more joy at work

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The alarm goes off or your iphone pings to signal the start of the working day. Do you jump out of bed excited or roll over and wish you didn’t have to go to work? For many people it’s the latter. It’s unrealistic to believe it’s possible to love every minute of your working day. […]

Is your workspace bringing out your best?

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You wake up the sun is shining, and you are looking out onto the vast expanse of the ocean. You are going for a walk surrounded by flowers and greenery. You walk into a room that is beautifully decorated. In all these situations you will feel something: happy, joyful, motivated, inspired or another emotion. We […]

How to maintain the holiday vibe at work

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Welcome to the first weekly insight newsletter for 2019! You may have been back at work for a few weeks, or perhaps next week is the start of your working year. Whatever the timeframe, after a holiday it can be a little hard to get back into the swing of things. And then soon enough […]

It’s time to press the pause button

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I love Christmas. Putting up the tree, buying presents, celebrating, catching up with old and new friends, and spending time with family. It’s a time for renewal and reflection. And yet this year it took a while for the Christmas spirit to catch on; to the extent that I debated with my husband as to […]

Eight things to do when your motivation is missing


With Christmas and holidays just around the corner it can be easy to let your mind wander to all the things you want to do when you are not at work.  It’s at times such as this that you can find your motivation is missing in action, and procrastination is your friend. So if your […]

Domain: Seven ways to turbocharge your real estate career

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Getting real satisfaction from your career means learning the skills and know-how to let you love what you do. Kate Jones from Domain wrote an insightful article discussing seven steps that will help turbocharge your career. I shared my personal experience and knowledge throughout the article. — Getting real satisfaction from your job means learning […]