It’s Never Too Late To Do What You Want To Do

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Have you ever felt stuck in a rut yet felt it was too late to change direction or shift gears? It’s so easy to get set in our ways and to see change as something that has an expiration date – ‘If I don’t do this or make this change by this particular date, it’s […]

Five Strategies to Up Your Game This Year

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Welcome to the first Weekly Insights for 2024. I hope your year is filled with learning, adventure, friendship and kindness. Growing up, I loved school, and I loved the back-to-school preparation even more. In the lead-up to the new school year, Mum would take me shopping to buy textbooks, which I had to wrap in brown […]

Flying Solo: How to start a side hustle

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Thanks to Flying Solo, listen to Michelle’s advice on starting a side hustle while you are still employed.  If you’re thinking of starting a side hustle – business coach and workplace expert Michelle Gibbings has you covered. In this episode of Flying Solo, Michelle shares invaluable wisdom gained from her own experience, including the […]

Is the end of year rush getting to you?

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Is your diary jam-packed? Are you looking ahead and seeing limited or no more gaps in your working day? Are your weekends loaded with social engagements? Are you feeling the pressure to get things tied off before the end of the year? If so, you’re in that inevitable pre-Christmas and pre-summer holiday rush. It happens […]

CNBC: Simon Sinek: ‘The skill of having an uncomfortable conversation is essential’—this hack can make it easier

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In this article for CNBC, Michelle was invited to add her comments about uncomfortable conversations.  Uncomfortable conversations are inevitable — and that’s why learning to navigate them is necessary for building healthy relationships and a successful career. Maybe you need to offer a friend or colleague some constructive criticism, or you’ve been called into a […]

Where does self-care fit on your to-do list?

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Many years ago, taking care of my health and well-being was down my priority list. I ate ok, generally slept well and got a modicum of exercise. Nothing was entirely out of balance, nor was it humming along perfectly. I regularly cancelled a gym session because of meetings or snacked late at night because I […]