Your presence matters

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If you’ve ever been in a meeting with someone and it’s clear they aren’t paying attention to you or the conversation, you’ll know it doesn’t feel good. You leave the interaction thinking, ‘Why did I bother? They are clearly not interested’. Their lack of presence is apparent, as is the negative impact it can have […]

Business Essentials Daily podcast: Have you made the wrong hire?

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Thanks to SoundCartel’s Business Essentials Daily podcast, Michelle had a great conversation with Chris Ashmore about what to do when your recent hire doesn’t live up to expectations. What happens when the person you’ve hired isn’t performing as you’d hoped? It’s important to have an onboarding process that continues well after the employee’s first day, […]

Do you look to change last?

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Regularly, consulting firms release analyses on the challenges facing businesses and leaders. Reports, such as this one from KPMG, are insightful and provide helpful focal points for leaders. More often than not, issues around change and transformation top the list. However, what’s rarely included as a leadership challenge is the need for leaders to challenge their […]

Who controls your day?

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Do you remember the memo? How you answer that question is likely age-dependent. For the uninitiated, the memo was a communication process that has mostly left the workplace. You’d write your message, and everyone who needed to receive a copy would be listed at the top of the page. It was printed out, and each respondent’s […]

Do you know your limits?

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There are things we know and things we think we know. There are also things that we assume everyone else knows. The critical question is whether we can identify the limits of our knowledge and understanding and the assumptions underpinning our thinking. Earlier this year, I was chatting with a friend about the inner dialogue we […]

CNBC: Simon Sinek: ‘The skill of having an uncomfortable conversation is essential’—this hack can make it easier

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In this article for CNBC, Michelle was invited to add her comments about uncomfortable conversations.  Uncomfortable conversations are inevitable — and that’s why learning to navigate them is necessary for building healthy relationships and a successful career. Maybe you need to offer a friend or colleague some constructive criticism, or you’ve been called into a […]

What part are you playing?

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You don’t have to look too far to find stories about how an organisation’s poor culture has been the root cause of their malaise, poor performance, regulatory breaches or lousy customer service. We all know that organisational culture matters. No doubt you’ll have heard culture referred to as ‘the way things are done around here’. It includes […]