Women’s Agenda: Why we need to be more selective when taking on unsolicited feedback

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Thanks to Women’s Agenda for inviting Michelle to share her insights about receiving unsolicited feedback and why we need to be more selective about who and what we listen too. Women often remark that they stop worrying about what people think of them as they get older. They’re less concerned about feedback, and more interested […]

Future Fit Leadership Podcast: Lessons from Brené Brown with Michelle Gibbings

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Michelle loved being part of Sadhana’s Future Fit Leadership podcast series. Sadhana and Michelle had a great conversation talking about leadership, bad bosses and lessons from Michelle’s work with Brené Brown’s Dare to Lead program. Leadership and how we lead matters. Being a great leader is not easy at the best of times, add to […]

Do you have an emotional hangover?

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Have you ever had a time when you forget what it felt like to be you? I was reminded of this a few weeks ago. I was meeting some colleagues for drinks after work, and I didn’t feel like going. It was rainy and cold, and I was working from home. So, getting dressed up […]