Six ways to set your Wise Owl free

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If you are a regular reader, you’ll know I only rarely write an article that follows on from the previous week. However, following last Friday’s weekly insight, I received lots of emails. The general sentiment being, ‘Michelle – great article, but how do I tap into my wise owl?” This week, I will share tips […]

Australian Men’s Health: Need to Switch Off Over Summer? Here’s 6 Ways to Ensure You Actually Do

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Manage your energy levels, switch off and get ready for summer fun. Thanks to Australian Men’s Health, Michelle has six tips on how to do this. With the Christmas countdown now on, balancing the inevitable rush of work deadlines and juggling life and family commitments before the summer holidays can be stressful. After another year […]

Are you relying on your Wise Owl or Guard Dog?

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We all love to believe that we are rational and reasonable beings – who always make wise decisions consciously using fact and reason. However, over the years, research has shown repeatedly that much of our decision making is emotionally driven. It’s not so much that we always weigh up the costs and benefits to make […]

Is your learning future fit?

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If you added up the amount of time you spend each week learning, what would the total be? An hour, three hours, more than ten, or perhaps none? If you are an hour or less then you are similar to many other Australians according to a report released by Swinburne University’s Centre for the New […]

Herald Sun: How to remain seen, land a promotion when not in the office

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Thanks to the Herald Sun and Cara Jenkin for inviting me to share my thoughts about how to land a promotion while working remotely.  THE ‘OUT OF SIGHT’ EFFECT Working from home may be more productive for many workers but it also has made it more difficult for them to be promoted. HubSpot’s 2020 Remote […]