Herald Sun: How to remain seen, land a promotion when not in the office

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Thanks to the Herald Sun and Cara Jenkin for inviting me to share my thoughts about how to land a promotion while working remotely.  THE ‘OUT OF SIGHT’ EFFECT Working from home may be more productive for many workers but it also has made it more difficult for them to be promoted. HubSpot’s 2020 Remote […]

AFR: How work perks can accelerate your career

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Thanks Tess Bennet from the Australian Financial Review for inviting me to share my thoughts on this very relevant topic for career success. While pay rises are great, there are times when other benefits may be more helpful in securing your long term career success and objectives. Everyone wants a pay rise, but rather than […]

New Idea: 5 ways to jazz up your resume

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Michelle was invited by New Idea to share ways you can jazz up your CV to help you return to the workforce. Read her 5 tips in this article. Maybe the pandemic has affected your industry, or perhaps you’ve been out of the workforce to raise a family. When a person is looking for work, […]

What’s your authenticity gap?

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As organisations confront a constantly changing future mixed with uncertainty and opportunity, they need leaders willing to embrace who they are and be comfortable not having all the answers. In short, they need to be authentic. Bain’s The Firm of the Future report outlined the shifts to the existing paradigms underpinning businesses. Much of this still holds today, […]

Eight Golden Rules for Getting Ahead

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People often ask me, ‘What are some things I can do to get ahead at work?’ While the answer to that question has several caveats and is never precisely the same for everyone, there are a few golden rules. Get planning Set aside time to reflect on your goals and to work out what you […]

Are you pulling in the right direction?

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In recent weeks I’ve noticed the pace of life picking back up, and I’ve felt myself resisting the pullback to the pre-COVID life where there was always too much to do. Too many places to be. Too many things to try and squeeze into one day. As a friend commented recently, “During COVID lockdowns, where […]