Who’s in your career corner?

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Success rarely happens alone. This tried and tested statement came to the fore over the weekend, as I was baulking at doing something because I was worried about being judged. A former colleague stepped into a support role and helpfully challenged me – spelling out all the reasons why I should and to better back […]

Be alert and ready to adapt

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The world is awash with predictions, forecasts and expectations about the stock market, economy, politics, world affairs and society (to name a few). For example, Forrester’s research suggests that automation will strip out approximately 1.5m jobs from the local economy. The World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs 2020 report concluded that technology-driven job creation would outpace job destruction (over […]

Is your social media approach helping or hurting your career?

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As adults, we can be quick to advise children and teenagers to be careful about what they post on social media, but are we applying the same standard to our actions? There are plenty of examples where a person’s social media post has thrown them off track, come back to haunt them and derailed their career. An ill-timed […]

Herald Sun: Six ways to reinvent your career in 2022

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As featured in the Herald Sun, Michelle provides six tips for career invention.  The employment market has turned a positive corner, and Covid-induced uncertainty is receding, making it an excellent time to take stock of your career and challenge yourself about what comes next. Here are six tips to get you started in your search. […]

Leaderonomics: Don’t Bypass the Past

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Sometimes looking back at the past is not a bad thing. Read more in this article for Leaderonomics. In high school, one of my favourite subjects was history. So much so that I thought about becoming a history teacher. Not surprising then that one of my favourite quotes is from the Danish Philosopher Søren Kierkegaard: “Life can […]

Leaderonomics: Eight Golden Rules for Getting Ahead

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To be successful, implement these simple rules. Thanks to Leaderonomics for the opportunity to share these ides. People often ask me, ‘What are some things I can do to get ahead at work?’ While the answer to that question has several caveats and is never precisely the same for everyone, there are a few golden […]

psnews.com.au: Using the past to imagine the future

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It’s easy to dismiss yesterday’s ideas as out-of-date and irrelevant, but like fashions, they have a habit of coming back. Thanks for psnews.com.au for publishing this article about how you can use the past to imagine the future.  In high school, one of my favourite subjects was history; so much so I thought about becoming a […]

Style Magazine: The benefits of challenges

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In this article written by Lauren Ahwan from Style Magzine, Michelle and Lauren discuss students setting challenges for themselves in the subjects they choose to study at school.  Michelle believes the current obsession with STEM at the expense of humanities-based subjects is midguided because many technological tasks will eventually be undertaken by robots. Continue reading.

5 easy mindset tips for getting a promotion this year

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The market is ripe for rising through the ranks. In this article for Body and Soul, Michelle explains why now is the time to make your move.  Whether you title it the ‘Great Resignation’ or ‘Great Reshuffle’, what’s consistent is that there is much movement in the labour market at the moment. So, while other people are moving […]