Who are you learning from?

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We are acutely attuned to the environment in which we are in. Cast your mind back to your first day at a new job. You’d be alert to how people behaved and interacted with each other. You might notice how people dress – whether it’s formal or informal. How people talk to each other – […]

Let’s get your earworm tuned

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You wake up in the morning, and a song pops into your head for no apparent reason. You’re going about your day, and a piece of music plays in your head on repeat – again and again. You’ll likely have experienced both scenarios. That’s an earworm in action. It turns out that more than 100 years ago, Germans […]

psnews.com.au: Finding your learning mantra

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In a world overloaded with information, much of it is questionable. Thanks to psnews.com.au, Michelle suggests a way to focus on what really matters to you. When I go into a bookstore, I rarely leave without a few purchases, and my Kindle is full of books I am waiting to read. As you can appreciate (also […]

Have you found your learning mantra?

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My laundry list of books to read seems endless. When I go into a bookstore, I rarely leave without a few purchases, and my Kindle is full of books I am waiting to read. Yes, I am one of ‘those people’ – a book hoarder. As you can appreciate (also given my work), I love […]

What perspective are you taking?

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As you are reading or listening to the news today, consider how much space is devoted to stories that are positive versus negative. Was it more negative or more optimistic? I wouldn’t be surprised if you concluded there was a dominant focus on the negative. With such a focus on what’s not so good in […]

Who are you under (or over) estimating?

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In the binge-worthy Netflix TV series, Anatomy of a Scandal, you watch how the relationships between the characters unfold as a politician’s affair unravels and plays out in the press. One of the lead female characters, Sophie Whitehouse, is the politician’s wife. She is trying to figure out what’s happened and the reality of her husband’s […]

Style Magazine: The benefits of challenges

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In this article written by Lauren Ahwan from Style Magzine, Michelle and Lauren discuss students setting challenges for themselves in the subjects they choose to study at school.  Michelle believes the current obsession with STEM at the expense of humanities-based subjects is midguided because many technological tasks will eventually be undertaken by robots. Continue reading.

Leaderonomics: Is Your Learning Future Fit?

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Michelle explains how learning is the defining factor of your future in this article from Leaderonomics. If you added up the amount of time you spend each week learning, what would the total be? An hour, three hours, more than ten, or perhaps none? If you are an hour or less then you are similar […]

Vision Australia: Knowing your personal brand

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Thank you to Vision Australia for providing Michelle the opportunity to offer her solutions about knowing and developing your own personal brand. Just as companies have a brand, so do individuals. What’s yours? A brand is a way that people see you. This may be a difference between why someone chooses you for a job […]

Wrap it up and look forward

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It’s been another eventful year with many unexpected twists and turns. Like me, 2021 may not be wrapping up the way you envisaged when champagne corks popped at the start of the year. But before you bid adieu, wrap up 2021 and head off on a summer break, take the time to pause and reflect, shake […]