Identify Your Skills

Your skills underpin the choices you make with your career. It is critical to identify and critically assess your skills. This guide shows you how, and helps you build a plan to elevate your skills.

Reinventing Your Career

We all have times in our life when we may want to reshape our careers and head in a different direction. In this short guide, Michelle outlines some of the critical steps you will want to take.

Be the Leader of Your Career

Proactivity is an important trait when it comes to career success. This guide will challenge you to consider your level of proactivity and where you are focusing your attention. It will help you identify the opportunities that lie ahead for you.

RMIT Activator Enterprise Insights

Enterprise skills: how do we learn them? In this report from RMIT, Michelle provides her thoughts on career development. The RMIT Activator Enterprise Insights survey explores the topic of employability and lifelong learning, specifically in relation to the enterprise skills required for the jobs of the future. “People need to be regularly assessing their skills, […]

Career Leap Resources

Here’s the resources and information to support your Career Leap. Career success and ongoing employment require you to actively manage your career each and every day. You can’t afford to play safe, to stay small, to not take risks, to not change or position yourself effectively. The Career Leap strategy is only effective if you actually do […]

Your Career Checklist

Working is a part of life. But what should you do when you are working in a role or an organisation that isn’t good for you? This resource provides the warning signs to look out for to identify if it’s time to ‘vote yourself off the island’ – that is, your work is making you […]

8 things influential people do differently

Despite advances in technology, organisations today are more, not less complex. Leaders are expected to deliver more results, in a faster timeframe with less resources. At the same time, organisations know they need to constantly evolve, and so there is relentless chum and multiple changes happening. The end is a working environment which is more […]

Mindfulness Practice

When you are going through a change, either at a personal level, or when you are leading change in an organisation invariably things will go wrong.  This gives rise to uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.  All of which can create feelings of stress, tension, and discomfort. Mindfulness can help, because the more you practice the art […]

Building the habit of change

We all have habits.  Some of those habits are good for us, and some of them are not so good for us. What’s common is that it is hard to change a habit. Here’s some tips on how to build new and lasting habits.

Personal Change Training Checklist

Before you embark on a change, it’s good to take a quick stock on your readiness for the change on an individual level.  Whilst we all have different levels of resilience and aptitude for change, we also can all take steps to make change work for us.