Organisational Change Checklist

Organisational change and transformation is challenging and rewarding.  It requires the right mix of focus on people, process/infrastructure and strategic alignment to be successful. If you want a handy reference guide on the key things you need to remember to do, then this Organisational Change Checklist is just what you are looking for.

Change framework elements

Successful change doesn’t happen by accident.  It is the result of planning and focused execution – regardless of what change approach, methodology or model you are using. A successful outcome is where you have sustainable change and the desired benefits of the change have been realised. As part of planning for the change, it’s helpful […]

Assessing your organisation’s change risks

At the start of every change project or transformation program it’s important to have a clear understanding of the change risks that are associated with the program of work. This is similar to doing a risk assessment, which most businesses would undertake on a regular basis.  It helps you understand the likelihood and consequence of […]

Rating your organisation’s approach to change

Many organisations struggle with how to effectively implement change well. Success becomes even more rare when the organisation is seeking to transform itself – in terms of what it does, how it operates and how it behaves; that is how leaders lead and team members behave. Want to know more about your organisation’s likelihood of […]