White Paper – Your Decision Making is Dangerous

We make decisions every day, with the number increasing as we move from childhood into adulthood, and then into a professional career. Many of these decisions are made with little or no awareness of the factors influencing how they are made.  Instead, we often hold onto the notion that we are rational and objective, and […]

Stepping up: Taking Governance, Risk and Compliance Professionals to the Next level of Influence

In 2015, we undertook research into the role that governance, risk and compliance Professionals hold in organisations. The findings confirmed that governance, risk and compliance professionals are relied on for advice when the business is making decisions.  But many times this advice is not heeded.  The research found there is an opportunity to enhance the […]

Elevating the impact of the Governance, Risk and Compliance Professional

At a time when having effective governance, risk and compliance is more important than ever in organisations, it is imperative that governance, risk and compliance (GRC) professionals are ready for the challenge. It is no longer enough to rely on technical expertise.  Instead, these professionals are required to have the highest level of integrity and […]