Building Your Influence as Competitive Advantage

In an increasingly complex and ambiguous world, career success is less about your technical skills and more about your ability to get traction, make progress and lead change. To do this you have to be able to influence, and so having influence is a source of competitive advantage. If you’d like to learn more about […]

Organisational Change Checklist

Organisational change and transformation is challenging and rewarding.  It requires the right mix of focus on people, process/infrastructure and strategic alignment to be successful. If you want a handy reference guide on the key things you need to remember to do, then this Organisational Change Checklist is just what you are looking for.

White Paper – Your Decision Making is Dangerous

We make decisions every day, with the number increasing as we move from childhood into adulthood, and then into a professional career. Many of these decisions are made with little or no awareness of the factors influencing how they are made.  Instead, we often hold onto the notion that we are rational and objective, and […]

8 things influential people do differently

Despite advances in technology, organisations today are more, not less complex. Leaders are expected to deliver more results, in a faster timeframe with less resources. At the same time, organisations know they need to constantly evolve, and so there is relentless chum and multiple changes happening. The end is a working environment which is more […]

Mindfulness Practice

When you are going through a change, either at a personal level, or when you are leading change in an organisation invariably things will go wrong.  This gives rise to uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.  All of which can create feelings of stress, tension, and discomfort. Mindfulness can help, because the more you practice the art […]

Elevating the impact of the Governance, Risk and Compliance Professional

At a time when having effective governance, risk and compliance is more important than ever in organisations, it is imperative that governance, risk and compliance (GRC) professionals are ready for the challenge. It is no longer enough to rely on technical expertise.  Instead, these professionals are required to have the highest level of integrity and […]

Change framework elements

Successful change doesn’t happen by accident.  It is the result of planning and focused execution – regardless of what change approach, methodology or model you are using. A successful outcome is where you have sustainable change and the desired benefits of the change have been realised. As part of planning for the change, it’s helpful […]

Communication Tips for Leaders

Communication is a critical part of any change or transformation process.  It is something that should be done continuously throughout the change, and at all levels in the organisation’s hierarchy. Experience has shown that the following elements should be considered when developing your organisation’s communication approach.

Assessing your organisation’s change risks

At the start of every change project or transformation program it’s important to have a clear understanding of the change risks that are associated with the program of work. This is similar to doing a risk assessment, which most businesses would undertake on a regular basis.  It helps you understand the likelihood and consequence of […]

Leader’s Guide to Network Effectiveness

A critical success factor for all Leaders, particularly during times of change, is having a network which is: Broad – includes a range of stakeholders both internal and external to the organisation, and across a range of functions Deep – includes stakeholders at all levels in the hierarchy Established – based on trust, authenticity, reciprocity […]

Communication’s Plan Outline

Communicating well is a critical part of any successful change and transformation effort. It is something that needs to occur throughout the life cycle of the change – not just before ‘Go live’ or when the change is about to be implemented. Doing it well involves consideration, time and planning.  Consistency, quality and commitment to […]