Your Annual Reflection

It is worthwhile taking time out to do a stocktake of your life each year. Where are you now, and where do you want to be? You can use some simple processes to do this, and in this handy guide, Michelle shares one practice you can use.

Leadership books – selected reading guide

Reading is one of my favourite past-times, so coming up with a list of the best books to share with wasn’t easy. This list is a start, which encourages you to read broadly and deeply on a range of topics.

Collaborative Decision Making

If you’d like to hear more about Michelle’s thoughts on decision making, see her interview from the CEO Institute. In an increasingly complex and ever-changing world, the need for leaders to be able to make good decisions is more critical than ever before. But what constitutes a good decision depends on your perspective of the […]

Building Your Influence as Competitive Advantage

In an increasingly complex and ambiguous world, career success is less about your technical skills and more about your ability to get traction, make progress and lead change. To do this you have to be able to influence, and so having influence is a source of competitive advantage. If you’d like to learn more about […]

Organisational Change Checklist

Organisational change and transformation is challenging and rewarding.  It requires the right mix of focus on people, process/infrastructure and strategic alignment to be successful. If you want a handy reference guide on the key things you need to remember to do, then this Organisational Change Checklist is just what you are looking for.

White Paper – Your Decision Making is Dangerous

We make decisions every day, with the number increasing as we move from childhood into adulthood, and then into a professional career. Many of these decisions are made with little or no awareness of the factors influencing how they are made.  Instead, we often hold onto the notion that we are rational and objective, and […]

Your Career Checklist

Working is a part of life. But what should you do when you are working in a role or an organisation that isn’t good for you? This resource provides the warning signs to look out for to identify if it’s time to ‘vote yourself off the island’ – that is, your work is making you […]

8 things influential people do differently

Despite advances in technology, organisations today are more, not less complex. Leaders are expected to deliver more results, in a faster timeframe with less resources. At the same time, organisations know they need to constantly evolve, and so there is relentless chum and multiple changes happening. The end is a working environment which is more […]

Mindfulness Practice

When you are going through a change, either at a personal level, or when you are leading change in an organisation invariably things will go wrong.  This gives rise to uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.  All of which can create feelings of stress, tension, and discomfort. Mindfulness can help, because the more you practice the art […]

Top Ten Communication Tips for Change Leaders

Everyone knows it’s important to communicate well during times of uncertainty and change. But how much effort are you really putting in to it? These communication tips will help ensure you remain focused and on track.