Collaborative Decision Making

If you’d like to hear more about Michelle’s thoughts on decision making, see her interview from the CEO Institute. In an increasingly complex and ever-changing world, the need for leaders to be able to make good decisions is more critical than ever before. But what constitutes a good decision depends on your perspective of the […]

White Paper – Your Decision Making is Dangerous

We make decisions every day, with the number increasing as we move from childhood into adulthood, and then into a professional career. Many of these decisions are made with little or no awareness of the factors influencing how they are made.  Instead, we often hold onto the notion that we are rational and objective, and […]

Assessing your organisation’s change risks

At the start of every change project or transformation program it’s important to have a clear understanding of the change risks that are associated with the program of work. This is similar to doing a risk assessment, which most businesses would undertake on a regular basis.  It helps you understand the likelihood and consequence of […]