Ultra106five: Pivoting Careers post Covid 19 - Michelle Gibbings

In this podcast, Michelle is interviewed by Dave from Weekend Wondering from Ultra106Five radio. Here they look at pivoting careers, post Covid-19.

With the May unemployment figures showing that 44 per cent of COVID-19 job losses hit Australians aged under 25, now more than ever taking charge of your career is essential.

Melbourne workplace expert and Career Leap author Michelle Gibbings says that those looking to pivot their careers need to ditch expectations and any limiting beliefs to put themselves back in the drivers seat as much as possible. For those looking to find a new path, Michelle says there’s 6 key things to consider:

1. Explore what your options are: Understand your willingness to take risks. This includes identifying your strengths, and knowing how the world of work is changing so you can identify good options to pivot into a new job with your existing skillset.

2. Influence how you get a job: In today’s competitive marketplace first impressions count, not just face to face but also online. It’s now more than likely your first encounter will be online. You need to build your online presence as well as manage your network and contacts in a way that supports your move to a new career.

3. Realise your potential: Look at what may be holding you back from making other career choices. Identify your why; that is, your purpose and why you do what you do. Consider this in the context of the life you want to have and your circumstances.

4. Choose what you will progress: Filter your options to find your sweet spot – the options that fit with your life circumstances, goals and willingness to take a risk with your career.

5. Construct your plan to follow: Build a plan to execute your career pivot. This includes considering all the key elements that need to be in place to make the change happen, and how you are going to target and measure your progress to achieving your new role.

Launch and transition your career leap well: Landing a new job takes time, but once you are there the effort doesn’t stop. It takes effort and planning to make sure you launch your leap and land it well. You’ll need to take time to embed the leap, and then expand it so you are well positioned for what comes next in your career.

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