Body & Soul: 6 steps to reinvent your career in 2022 - Michelle Gibbings

Is it time for a career change? Thanks to Body & Soul and, Michelle explains her six steps in how to reinvent your career in 2022.

Workplace expert Michelle Gibbings sets out the six steps you need to undertake if you feel stunted or unmotivated in your current career.

The current employment market has turned a positive corner, making it an excellent time to take stock of your career and challenge yourself about what comes next.

This should remind you that massive and unexpected curveballs can throw your career off course. At the same time, the rapid pace of technological change is creating new working environments and opportunities.

All of this means that your career planning needs to be more adaptive – taking a degree of reinvention at points throughout your career life-cycle.

Salim Ismail, the author of Exponential Organisations, said “Today, if you’re not disrupting yourself, someone else is; your fate is to be either the disrupter or the disrupted. There is no middle ground.” Whilst his comments referenced organisations, the same can be said for your career.

To become the leader of your career, here are six tips to get you started.

Know your career drivers

In my work with clients, I’ve found that identifying your next career step is best done in the context of your whole life. It’s impossible to separate your personal and professional life successfully. When you know your purpose and what drives your career, you can better identify the options that will meet your needs.

Don’t lock in too early

When you are thinking of making a career leap, be cautious about getting fixated on one thing and locking yourself in too early. When you do, you can inadvertently close yourself off to other opportunities.

People frequently find the alignment between their purpose and what they are good at by trying many different things. Consequently, be willing to experiment with options. Volunteer and get involved in various activities, and constantly seek new learning.

Get connected

The more you connect with others, get involved with groups, test and try new things, the greater your ability to see the world and its opportunities differently. By talking to a diverse range of people about the work they do, you’ll gain insights into new areas, which will help expand your field view. This step is all about expanding the range of what’s possible so that you can discover the best fit for you.

Elevate awareness

Set aside time to reflect on the goals you want to achieve, the progress you’ve made and identify critical learning gaps you may need to address. Consider how your role, profession, industry and sector is changing and what this means for the necessary technical skill and competencies you’ll need to succeed. Remember, competencies such as problem-solving and adaptability and your emotional intelligence are equally (if not more) important than technical skills.

Get valued

Be clear on the value you offer organisations. Everyone brings specific skills and ways of operating to the work they do. It’s essential to articulate that value and how you can help an organisation, business, or client achieve its objectives.

Take a risk

Pursuing your purpose and making a career leap can come with a ‘risk’ tag attached. It can be easier to go with the flow and follow what everyone else is doing. Taking a path that others around you haven’t taken means you need to get comfortable with ambiguity, often make some tough choices, and back yourself (even when it’s hard and progress may be slow).

There will be people around you who question your choice and challenge your thinking. Don’t let their fears inhibit your thinking or throw you off course. The more you are willing to take a risk and to ‘have a go’, the more likely you are to find a rewarding career on many levels.

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