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A person reading a book by a lake

You might remember the Choose Your Own Adventure book series from childhood. In the books, the reader makes choices that determine the primary character’s actions and, consequently, the outcome of the story.

It was hugely popular and was considered by many educators as a great way to encourage learning. The readers had a choice in where the adventure went.

It was a great example of how learning is elevated when we get a say in what and how we learn.

Self-directed learning fosters a sense of ownership about what is being learned. When you’ve decided you want to learn something and know why it matters to you, you’re more motivated to start and finish because your intrinsic motivational levers are activated. Plus, when you’ve selected the content and method of learning, you’ve made a choice. And we love having autonomy and the freedom to choose.

Tapping into the joys of self-directed learning, this week you get to select from a series of articles.

You probably know that I enjoy writing and you might be aware that I regularly write for media outlets and publications. So, here are a few recent articles for you to select from.

CEO Magazine
How leaders can navigate the ethical challenges of AI with integrity while driving innovation and ensuring a future where technology serves humanity rather than harms it.

HR Leader
Creating a healthy workplace begins with leadership, and fostering leaders who are sustainable, emotional, and ethical can help a business to thrive.

Women’s Agenda
Receiving unsolicited feedback? Here’s why we need to be more selective about who and what we listen to.

Chief of Staff
When it comes to the ingredients for career success, people are often encouraged to think that they should say: “Yes!” to everything that comes their way. You need to know when to say ‘no’.

Fast Company
As you navigate the landscape of 2024, your strategy requires a multifaceted approach that considers the needs of all your stakeholders.

Leaders’s Digest
Tips on why presence matters as a leader and ways to elevate your presence at work.

Happy reading!

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