See Need Want: 7 Bad Habits That Could Be Ruining Your Career - Michelle Gibbings
In this article featured in See Need Want Michelle, explains the 7 habits that could be harming your career…

The modern workplace moves at a fast pace, and with the fear of artificial intelligence taking jobs it’s essential to stay ahead of the curve to ensure that you’re still relevant. 

However, career expert and author of Career Leap, Michelle Gibbings, says that with many of us doing more in our work with less resources has created a snowball effect of bad habits that could hold your career back.

Below Michelle outlines the 7 bad habits that could be ruining your career; from saying yes too often, not taking enough leave and never being bored at work:

1.Never taking more than a week’s leave

Mini-breaks are great, but longer breaks (beyond a week) are much better at providing time to rest, recharge and reflect.

2.Never getting bored

With the busy mantra rushing around in your head you can easily worry when you have nothing to do.  However, it is when you are bored or daydreaming that you can come up with your best ideas.

3.Being late for meetings

When you keep people waiting you are effectively saying to them – ‘My time is more important than your time’.   When you do that, you are also unconsciously saying to the person that you think you are more important than them.

4.Making it too hard for yourself

Research shows that when goals are set too high and too hard, we don’t make progress.  You are far more likely to achieve things and create new patterns of behaviour and success when you break it down to bite-size, manageable chunks.

5.Not getting enough sleep

When your brain is tired it eagerly takes the path of least resistance – letting expectations and assumptions drive how you think and act. 

6.Always multi-tasking

When you multi-task your attention is split, and as you switch from one activity to another you lose concentration and ultimately become less productive. 

7.Saying yes too often

The conundrum is that if you always say ‘yes’, you lose your voice and your right to find the balance that works for your personal and professional life.