New Idea: Stuck in a rut? 8 ways to turbo charge your career - Michelle Gibbings

Have you ever found yourself sitting at your desk, thinking that your career is stagnating and needing a bit of a boost? Or perhaps you feel under-appreciated or under-utilised, but not sure what to do about it?

There are some simple ways to turbo-charge your career and many of them relate to attitude. I share 8 ways to turbo charge your career which first appeared in New Idea magazine. You can read the entire article here.

Sat at your desk thinking your career needs a bit of a boost?

Feeling under-appreciated but not sure what to do about it?

Well, according to Australian leadership expert Michelle Gibbings, there are some simple tricks to turbo-charging your career – and much of it is about attitude.

Here, Michelle shares eight things you need to do to make 2018 your best year at work yet.

Consistently deliver

‘Value needs to be your key word,’ Michelle says. ‘Deliver it by constantly seeking to improve yourself, the value you bring to your work and how you work with those around you.’

Find a clear vision

‘Be clear on the value you offer your organisation in terms of your capability, skills and always deliver on your commitments,’ Michelle says.

Challenge yourself

A day job that doesn’t stretch you won’t increase your prospects – so Michelle says it’s vital to keep learning new things.

‘This includes being willing to take on feedback from people, including sponsors, mentors, colleagues and peers,’ she says.

Stand out

To get ahead, those at the top need to know who you are.

‘Stand out from the crowd by knowing what you stand for so you can ensure there is alignment between your values and the organisation’s values,’ Michelle advises.

Self reflect

Sometimes we all need to be honest with ourselves about our flaws and Michelle says there’s no need to shy away from acknowledging them

‘Undertake self-reflection so you continue to reflect on your behaviour and thought patterns, helping you to gather new insights and deeper understanding about yourself, and your impact on others,’ she advises.

Network, network, network

Yes it’s daunting but getting on the radar of your peers is vital to business success.

‘Build a profile and a strong stakeholder network where you are known for something, are respected and have a strong network of people willing to speak for you,’ Michelle says.

Take time out

You can’t be at peak performance in the boardroom if you’re feeling under the weather or stressed out so Michelle says looking after your health is paramount to success.

‘Look after yourself both physically and mentally,’ Michelle says. ‘Today’s work environment is stressful and it’s important to be able to regulate behaviour and manage stress.’

Stay up to date

‘Continue to stay abreast of changes in the industry and your chosen profession,’ Michelle advises, explaining it helps to widen your frame of reference about what is possible. ‘Also look at developments in other industries that may impact,’ she says.