Podcast: How to be a better influencer to make more progress

headphones-1In this podcast, Elise Stevens speaks to Michelle Gibbings about how to become a better influencer. In today’s complex environment, being able to influence is an essential skill to stand out of the crowd and ultimately make more progress.

Points raised in this podcast:

  • A project manager navigates large and complicated pieces of work with a wide variety of stakeholders at all different levels of the organisation. In order to do so it is essential project managers are able to have the right types of conversations.
  • Employers expect project managers to have good influencing skills.
  • Do not mistake positive influence that benefits the project, with negative or self-motivated influence used to manipulate or gain power.
  • Talk to people. Find out where you may need to improve and focus on building one skill at a time.
  • You cannot influence well if you are not able to regulate your behaviour and emotions.
  • Project managers must build resilience and coping skills so when things don’t go to plan they still appear calm and in control. This will help to build trust among both stakeholders and team members.
  • Know the bias or triggers that trip you up and lead you to make unwise decisions.
  • Understand the organisational dynamic, where the power bases lie and how to construct a stakeholder network that you can leverage to get things done.
  • Learn to listen and ask the right kinds of questions. Be present when people speak to you so they feel they are being heard.
  • Project managers should also work to develop good negotiation skills.

To listen to the podcast, head over to the Fix My Project Chaos website.