Elevate your Leadership, Enhance your Culture Michelle Gibbings

Elevate your Leadership, Enhance your Culture

In times of unprecedented change, organisations need leaders at every level, inspiring progress by harnessing the energy and capability of their people. No matter the organisational system, Michelle works to equip you with a practical toolkit, so you can take the pragmatic and purposeful steps needed to identify, harness and leverage unseen opportunities.

Developing leadership capability doesn’t happen quickly, so a strategic, structured and sustainable approach needs to be taken. Also, behaviour change only occurs when there is the reinforcement of expectations, repetition of learning and leaders ‘walking the talk’, and it is therefore important that development efforts are well integrated with prior development work and other programs, initiatives or activities underway.

Michelle will work with you and your team to design a bespoke leadership program that fits your needs, desired outcomes, organisational culture and budget.

Elevating Capability to Secure Sustainable Outcomes

Michelle’s experience and skillset across leadership are vast, so there are many areas that can be covered. The available options will be discussed during the planning phase. Potential capability components include:

  • Self-awareness – increasing the leader’s understanding of self and their leadership style, which is a necessary precursor to being able to understand others, and better lead and engage with others (across hierarchical levels).
  • Collaboration – Developing the leader’s personal approach to enhancing their effectiveness in building collaborative networks to secure better organisational outcomes.
  • Decision making – Understanding the pitfalls and opportunities and knowing how to apply different decision-making techniques to secure better decisions and stronger buy-in.
  • Engagement – Providing techniques to help the leader establish more effective ways of working with their team and stakeholders, to elevate their impact and positively enhance the organisation’s culture.
  • Leading change – Techniques to support their team, create confidence to establish new ways of working and successfully navigate a changing environment.
  • Mindset – Generating insight into how a person’s mindset impacts their leadership style, how they make decisions, their ability to effectively and proactively respond to changing circumstances and to positively influence those around them.
  • Psychological Safety – Creating an environment where individuals can bring their best to work each day, and team members individually and collectively thrive.
  • Presence and influence – Developing executive presence and having an impact that influences and builds trusted working relationships across functions and hierarchies.
  • Strategic Execution – Understanding the impact of context and systems thinking on leading successful teams. Building the leader’s knowledge of key strategic concepts, frameworks and tools so they can set a purpose and vision and guide their team to deliver successful outcomes.

Supporting the capability components are a range of tailored leadership and cultural assessment tools that Michelle is accredited to use. These tools can be leveraged at an individual and collective level, and Michelle will discuss with you the best approach based on your desired outcomes.

Design and Implementation Approach

To ensure optimal outcomes, Michelle recommends a phased approach to the design and delivery of leadership work of this nature. Taking this approach provides milestones where you can discuss and seek feedback to validate and, where necessary, refine the approach. The below diagram illustrates a potential approach.

Design and Implementation approach

Download Design and Implementation approach.

Want to know more?

If you wish to find out more about how Michelle can help you, your team and your organisation, please reach out for a free consultation where she will diagnose your needs and discuss options, opportunities and the best possible approach to take.


“We have engaged Michelle to run facilitated workshops for both academic and professional leaders. All of Michelle’s workshops are exceptionally well-received. She is an engaging, highly skilled and astute facilitator and educator. Her insights, informed by her impressive career experience and PhD studies, are supported by useful tools and compelling stories. This ensures that participants acquire both the cognitive framework and practical skills to effect positive change back in the workplace”

L. Ford, Monash University, HR

“Having read Michelle’s books, Step Up and Career Leap, and having watched her present to the CFO Forum that I attend monthly, I knew that Michelle had exactly the mindset that I was after to elevate my team. What resonated with me the most was that Michelle had the ability to take technical experts, develop their knowledge and self-awareness so that they too can become great leaders. She worked with my leadership team and me over a 12-month period to elevate the team. She designed a bespoke leadership program that focused on the leadership capability and strategic effectiveness of the team using both group and individual activities to achieve the desired outcomes.

Michelle is an expert in her field, and her ability to understand the organisational context, draw on her own corporate experience as well as new ways of thinking and leading is a powerful combination. She is an absolute delight to work with. My team found the experience incredibly beneficial and there was such a notable improvement I was thrilled with the outcomes at all levels.”

CFO, Leading Global Service Provider