Michelle is the Founder of Change Meridian, a boutique consulting firm dedicated to helping people, teams and organisations get the most out of changing environments.

The Change Meridian consulting practice works with some of the world’s largest companies to help them secure the benefits from organisational change and transformation.

The practice operates from a philosophy that for a change to be successful it needs to work across three dimensions:

  1. The strategy of the change – understanding what’s changing, what’s driving the change, as well as the options considered, potential impacts and risks, system in which the change is occurring, and the desired benefits from the change
  2. The infrastructure needed to implement the change– architecting the way in which the change program is planned, sequenced, monitored, governed and executed to account for the organisation’s capacity, capability and objectives
  3. The people side of the change– considering the mindsets, values, behaviour, and political and cultural dynamics, and what strategies and interventions are required to ensure stakeholder support and end user adoption

The practice offers products and services in all aspects of organisational change and transformation from design through to implementation, including:

  • Strategy execution – designing the approach and execution advice, covering governance, risk management and program management requirements
  • Planning – creating transformation and change programs to secure sustainable change and business improvement
  • Cultural renewal – crafting and supporting culture change to secure an adaptive culture, which is customer focused and has an effective culture
  • Stakeholder management – designing and executing stakeholder management and communication programs to secure buy in
  • End to end change management – developing the framework, methodology and supporting processes (i.e. operating model, diagnostics, impact assessments, organisation and job design, training design and delivery, communications, and workforce transition) and tools
  • Change effectiveness analysis – analysing and providing recommendations to enhance change outcomes
  • Change portfolio management – assessing an organisation’s requirements and designing a fit for purpose operating model, including establishing an enterprise change management office and undertaking change portfolio management

For further information go to: www.changemeridian.com.au