Consulting - Michelle Gibbings

Michelle works with some of the world’s largest organisations to help them create thriving workplaces.

While much of her work is program-based, she also provides targeted consulting advice and support across a range of areas, including:

  • Change Management – developing the framework, methodology and supporting processes and tools to secure effective change adoption. This includes activities such as operating model design, diagnostic assessments, impact assessments, organisation and job design, training design and delivery, communications and workforce transition
  • Leadership Development – building leadership and change capability programs at all organisational levels
  • Organisational Culture – analysing, designing and building a culture change program and plan to secure an adaptive culture, which meets organisational needs and is fit for purpose
  • Organisational Development – analysing the current state and providing recommendations to enhance organisational outcomes and the delivery of business benefits
  • Strategy Design and Execution – designing the change strategy approach and execution advice, covering governance, risk management and program management requirements
  • Stakeholder Management – stakeholder analysis, designing and executing stakeholder management and communication programs to secure buy-in

Reach out to Michelle for an introductory conversation and to discuss your requirements and the options for customised support.