Michelle works with some of the world’s largest organisations to help them create thriving workplaces. Read more


Michelle is an accredited facilitator, adept at getting stakeholders and interested parties to reach outcomes.  She knows how to get the most out of ambiguous, contentious and changing circumstances and to work with diverse stakeholder groups. Read more


Whether you want to refine your approach, shift your thinking, uncover hidden goals or elevate your ability to connect, influence, engage and motivate, Michelle can help you secure these outcomes with a program tailored to suit you. Read more


In times of unprecedented change, organisations need leaders at every level, inspiring progress by harnessing the energy and capability of their people. Michelle runs a range of bespoke and curated leadership programs. Read more


Michelle can help you and your team to master complexity, accelerate progress and amplify success through development and learning programs tailored to your specific needs and objectives. Read more