whatsnew2day.com: Career expert Michelle Gibbings reveals the six things you can do to earn $ 100k without a diploma - Michelle Gibbings

Featured on the WhatsNews2Day website, Michelle has shared six steps with which you can get a $ 100,000 job without needing a university education.

Australian job expert Michelle Gibbings said there are many well-paid positions that do not require third-level qualifications in sectors such as construction, mining and IT.

Mrs. Gibbings, author of Career Leap, suggested finding a job with limited supply and strategically moving to get the highest salary.

She also recommended working freelance to increase your bank credit and stressed the benefit of becoming a go-to expert in your chosen field.

Sectors such as construction, mining and aviation management have six-digit jobs and no university degree required (stock image)


Career expert Michelle Gibbings said that strategically moving to rural or remote areas could significantly increase your salary

In saturated industries where hundreds of people have the same skills, jobs can be difficult to secure and wages are often low.

By contrast, sectors with a shortage of skilled workers are easier to break into and offer more negotiating power when it comes to bargaining.

Mrs Gibbings stressed the importance of consistently monitoring the labor market to identify lucrative openings and to gauge which sectors are booming.

It is the basic law of economics – supply and demand. If you have a highly valued skill and there is a lot of demand for it, go to that area. It is easier to negotiate a higher wage, she said.

According to Gibbings, there is currently a shortage of skilled project managers and IT professionals in Australia.


To secure a thicker salary package you may have to go to an opening instead of waiting for the task to come to you.

Moving to a rural area, even temporarily or for a few weeks a month, offers new opportunities, especially in mining, construction and some service companies.

In many cases, financial burdens are included in the basic salary to attract people to remote regions.


Although some of Australia’s largest earners work in areas that require a degree, if not a master’s, there is also a laundry list of professions that offer impressive salaries without the need for a degree.

Construction managers, air traffic controllers, miners and power plant operators earn more than $ 100,000 each year without a bachelor’s degree.

The average wage before returning home for an air traffic controller is $ 134,000.

Mining and construction jobs also offer six-figure amounts, with moderately experienced miners earning $ 117,000 a year and site managers earning a median of $ 111,000.

In the meantime, power plant operators can earn up to $ 100,000.

Learning and training is still important because many of these roles still require accreditation or certification.

Freelance work is a great way to build up your bank balance, but don’t forget to make provisions for unpaid sick leave and vacation leave (stock image)


Mrs. Gibbings believes that when a person is the ultimate, all-knowing expert in their field, work finds him.

 We are willing to pay more for the services and skills of someone who is considered an expert, & # 39; she said.

An expert is someone who has spent a lot of time building an external brand and reputation by speaking at industry conferences, organizing seminars, building support on social media or writing a book.


The daily rate for contractors is usually higher than for permanent employees, making freelance a great way to build up your bank credit.

Although this is weighted to take into account unpaid sick leave and vacation leave, freelancing at the end of the year can still lead to a higher home wage.


Achieving long-term financial success does not have to be just a job, Gibbings reminded.

For continued success, it may be necessary to develop sideways pressure to generate additional revenue, something that is easier than ever before thanks to the arrival of social media and online business assets.

“Getting a well-paid job does not happen immediately, but with planning, focus and hard work you can be well on your way,” Gibbings said.